Words Can Hurt!

Where to start? By now most of you have probably heard about the remark Chris Wallace has made about Kelly Clarkson. Or better the multiple stupid remarks. Just disgusting! It makes me so angry to read this. Actually I am about to boil over.

I look around and see beautiful women, mothers of beautiful children. They all have a beautiful body. They are lovely, smart and just awesome. But does that all matter? Maybe to their kids and maybe to their husbands. You know thought what is the sad part? That it actually does not matter as much to them. And you know why? Maybe you do, because you are one of them… It does not matter because they all have body issues. Most of them think that they are too fat. Why? Because of idiots like Chris Wallace…

I look around and I see beautiful teenage girls. Beautiful little girls. They are healthy and fun and smart and just beautiful. They enjoy life and giggle. But if you look closer or if you listen a little bit better, you can hear already 7 year old girls complaining about their weight. Or judging others because of their big tummies. Why? Because of idiots like Chris Wallace!

When will it stop? When will a woman, who is as beautiful like Kelly Clarkson, talented in whichever area, be beautiful? When will people stop judging?

Everyone is talking about bullying and cyber bullying. I would love to add something to this little list of bullying: How about media-bullying? Watch TV, listen to the radio! I so often switch it off because I feel sick to my stomach about the remarks the hosts of some shows make about other people. Why is this not considered bullying? Why is this not considered bullying when a radio host or a TV host makes a mean remark about a celebrity or anybody? Why do we still call it entertainment? Are we really that bad?

Words can hurt. And it does not matter if you are a normal citizen or if you are a celebrity. We all have feelings. We all have our issues and we all are not perfect. Not even Chris Wallace, I am sure about it… So why do we always have to hurt? Why do we have to hurt others to feel better? Why do we have to belittle others in order to feel so much more superior, prettier, smarter… you name it!

I am so sick and tired of it. You know what is the worst? Even if people like Chris Wallace apologize (probably not because they really want to and feel they have to but because for publicity…), it does not help anymore. The damage is done. It can not be unsaid.

So think before you speak and think hard. Ask yourself how you would feel! Treat people the way you want to be treated. Is it that hard? Just respect people for what they are. That is all it takes…

27 thoughts on “Words Can Hurt!

  1. I feel with you. That’s often the problem. People often need to offend others or point out issues at others in order to feel better about or detract from their own issues. That’s why it is so important to be aware that it is not about us but first of all about the offender.

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  2. I agree and yet we watch??? Here is another one which is a pet peeve of mine…Politicians when you watch them in session and the way they talk to each other. They are mean nasty and worse than a bunch of little children who have not been taught how to talk to one another. And yet they run our countries????? AND I WONDER, YES I WONDER.

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  3. I read about this in another post and it disgusted me just as much. It’s one thing to pick on yourself for whatever you see as a flaw (my DW picks on her weight frequently) but to talk about others, especially publicly, is just wrong. I’m sure Kelly is tough enough to take whatever comments are tossed her way. But people need to take a good look in the mirror before they start judging others. And as for that apology, my favorite analogy is about crinkling up a sheet of paper and unfolding it and apologizing. Sure, it’s usable, but it’s not the same as it was before.


    • Oh I agree with you! Look, I think people like her, who are idols to so many definitely should showcase a healthier lifestyle. But that does not mean others can attack her like that…

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  4. I didn’t watch because I don’t have cable, but I saw the headline. You are right, we have no room in this life for downgrading comments like that. I know I will not have nice things to say to anyone who tells me things like that.

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  5. Love this post! It’s SO important to remember that what you say can have a devastating effect on the life of another person. At the end of the day we’re all human, and we all have flaws – whether they are visible or not. xxx

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