Right Doesn’t Mean Easy…


“We all must make the choice between what is RIGHT and what is EASY”… Scarlett79.

We’ve all been there. We’ve all been wondering which way to choose. And very often the right way seemed so difficult. The other way, not necessary a wrong way but maybe just not the right one, seemed so much easier to take. I’m sure you know the feeling.

By choosing the other way we might not necessary do any harm to others but we might not stay true to ourselves. And it will catch up with us. At least I believe so. There are still things in my life, decisions I’ve made years ago, reactions from my side that I question today. Of course I can’t change it now and of course they all got me to where I am, who I am, today. Still, if I could, I would probably decide to take the harder path because it would be the right one.

I believe it takes a lot of strength to choose the right way instead of the easy one and we face this decision on a daily base. It’s those little things. Even just choosing healthy food over junk food. It’s so much better to prepare a healthy meal. Is it easy? Not really. There is more effort going into preparing a meal and it would be so much easier to just grab a fast food meal somewhere on the way home.

Or working out. It would be right to work out on a daily base. Only a little bit. Go for a walk, be outside. But it might be so much easier to only just sit down on the sofa, eat some chocolate and read a book or watch a movie… There is nothing wrong about sitting on the sofa and reading a book. But it’s definitely not right for you and your health to just sit around.

So many situations in our life. Re my previous post about friendships: If you find out that the partner of your friend is cheating, it would definitely be the right thing to tell your friend. But is it easy? Not at all. So many factors to consider. How much will you hurt your friend by telling? Will your friend believe you? Will your friend get mad at you? Will your friend be in denial and push you out of his or her life because you did what you felt was right? If it all gets hard, can you still stick to your friend and will the friendship ever be the same?

In a relationship: There are two people who suddenly become kind of a unit and of course there are always things that you would prefer would be done differently or handled differently by your partner. So maybe for you it would be the right thing to “change” the way they are doing it. Or talk about it. And maybe this is not easy at all. It might even lead to arguments. But would it be better to not tell? I guess it might be easier but in the long term the relationship would not benefit. If you always keep everything to yourself, it will catch up with you one day.

There will never be a balance between RIGHT and EASY. One will always be on the top. And even the decision about which one you want to have on top in your life is not easy. I definitely would love to be the best person I possibly can. Is it easy? No, not at all…


In response to the Daily Post Daily Prompt – Third From The Top

16 thoughts on “Right Doesn’t Mean Easy…

  1. Great post again! You always hit the nail on the head! What feels right doesn’t mean choosing the easy path but the one that seems fitting. It needs courage to trust our feelings and follow that inner voice. It means to maybe get on other people’s bad side. But what counts is that we still can look into the mirror and know that we were true to ourselves. There can be consequences of course. But in the end it doesn’t help or make us feeling good, when we act against ourselves. Not easy but part of our development.

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  2. Going outside for a walk vs sitting on the couch reading a book — sounds like a painful “would you rather” question my children like to ask! I guess for us right would be taking the walk, because reading a book would be right when the question was relating to another hour on Pinterest!
    Your post made me think of an article called “Sitting is the New Smoking” (meaning a public health issue not discussed): http://www.plumdeluxe.com/sitting-is-the-new-smoking-and-now-is-the-time-to-quit-the-sit

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  3. My life is very hard right now because of the choices my adult children have made. I do not agree with or support their choice, so guess what. Like I told them, we get to choose too. It’s not all about them. They will no longer get to use us or take our time and our money. Trust me, we gave them everything you should give your children. We gave the a loving home, with a mom and a dad who loved them and each other. The best education we could afford, and really more than we could afford. I was a stay at home mom so that I could give them opportunities that I would not have been able to if I had been working. We did our best at keeping them away from the bad things, drugs, sex w/o commitment, not working, not doing well at school. But I guess we failed somewhere along the line. They are 32 and 29 and have made a real mess of their lives that we invested so heavily in. Well now I’m a 50 something/nothing homemaker. I have had a successful marriage of 36 years and 2 of my boys are doing wonderful. They are professional ballet dancer’s !!! It is still hard to wake up everyday with a new heartache. My daughter who is 29 decided it would be a good thing to get back with the baby daddy of her first (after we cleaned that mess up and sent her to nursing school so she could make a life for her and her daughter). He is a convicted felon and has numerous other “baby momma’s” who got away. Now the loser has got her pg again and we are having nothing to do with it and it is so painful to watch. Not to mention, she took my Gabriella away and I have not held her for over 8 months. I’m in hell. Well I just am trying to get through this the only way I know how to. Writing and trying to build some kind of support system. Thanks for your take on my post about choices. ❀

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  4. Choosing the right path can be one of the most difficult things to do for many. You have to first follow your inner voice that guides you in the path that follows. This path can test you but you will at the end be true to yourself. Wonderful post.

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  5. Very good and true post πŸ™‚
    It is important to be honest to ourselves and do the things right even they may not be easy. If we use our inner guide, our intuition, we also get to know, when to be more careful when telling other about fx cheating.
    One day it might be too late, we will need to recognize that not being true to ourselves is the same as cheating ourselves.

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