My Picks Of The Week #16

What a week it has been. I’ve been so sick in the beginning of this week that I could not get myself out of bed for an entire day. And this is really big as I can’t stay in bed all day usually. Anyway… Of course I was on the lookout for some great blog posts again and I think I found some pretty fantastic ones. I hope you will head over and check them all out. Enjoy…
Silver Lining MamaStarted a great Blog Event for this month again. You should definitely head over and check it out.

Life, Kids And A Glass Of Red
Oh… I remember, I remember…

The Return Of The Modern Philosopher
It only took me till today to figure out that I like Margo, Edith and Agnes from ‘Despicable Me’ to be my siblings. I just love those girls 😉

Let’s think about it! It’s okay to want something but it’s also okay to not want something.

Great post about sitting around and the way it affects our health…

Mind Body Green
Great post about taking pressure off your children and in doing so make them grow into a more confident personalities…

See, There Is A Thing Called Biology…
How very true… we should deliver too and not just expect…

Oh my crazy blogger friend ‘ter… Always good for a little smile… you have to understand his humor though… Well, I do and I think reading his posts are sure worth it 🙂

Oh my… still laughing tears… and so many good points…

Thoughts By Mello-Elo
Such true words about craving things…

All mom’s can relate… it’s hard to be unwell when you have children. This posts brings up an interesting point too: Getting sick every time your partner leaves…

Wtf Am I On About Now?
Did you know that you can make a Phd in Minecraft???

My Decade Long Travels
Makes you really think… I guess I have to remember Joseph each time I want to complain now…

Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life
A very interesting read! It’s sure worth considering her tips!


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24 thoughts on “My Picks Of The Week #16

  1. I say my dah-ding, what an honour and thank you so much – and how strange to find that you were “ill” during the week which ended on Sunday 19th April – me too and hence my quietude for a while.

    I wonder if we were suffering from the same ailment?

    I drank 5 cases of beer and a bottle of baileys between Monday 13th to Friday 17th April and was back up on exactly the same day as you, the 18th April – mind you I was in no fit state to write anything on the 18th other than an attempt to spell my name in the bottom of a bucket using a new kind of yellowish brown ink. It didn’t work because much to my Venusian wife’s disgust, I missed the bucket – “most people kick it,” she screamed, “and I wish you would; I want a widow’s pension for my next birthday!!”

    She’s been missing ever since. I reported it to the Police and they’ve told me to prepare for the worst so I nipped out to the thrift shop this morning and bought all her clothes back.

    So go on then, tell us? What was it that you were drinking – tequila or baileys or………?

    Cheers ~ ‘ter

    Liked by 1 person

      • No, I don’t think you do, for had you done so, he might have sold all your clothes too !!


        What a week it was – a case a day keeps the Doctor away – and in my defense I had been cleaning the kitchen up big time while the Venusian was off shopping in Japan the week before and had noticed that the sell by date of the cases in the “corner,” (my corner), was close to being achieved – it was her fault, she was the one who pointed it out to me in the first place, “you need to get rid of these,” she had screeched at me and you know what they say, “waste not, want not!!”

        Cheers ~ ‘ter

        Liked by 1 person

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