Emerging In Water

seafoam3Water fascinates be. Every kind of water. Waterfalls, lakes, creeks, rivers and of course the ocean. I always feel like it transports a story, it tells about life, about what it encounters on it’s way around this planet. I feel drawn to it and if I could, I would spend all the time in or around water. So when I read K.E.Wilkinson’s Earth Day Challenge ideas it was crystal clear to me what I would love to write about: Water.

A few weeks ago I met a free diver. I guess most of you know what a free diver is. For those of you who don’t: Those are the divers diving with no air (tank). And by diving I mean diving for a VERY long time! The current record stands between 9 and 11 minutes, depending on the category! 9 minutes under water without breathing! Without having to go back to the surface… just spending time down there… bliss!

water2Have you ever seen the movie ‘Le Grand Bleu (The Big Blue)’? I loved this movie…

So anyway… I think being a free diver is the most amazing thing. You are down there, swimming amongst all the wonderful creatures of the ocean in a way they would do… Yes, eventually you have to submerge but until then, you are one of them. You hear them. You hear the whales, the dolphins. You swim with them. You are part of it. You are part of this amazing world. How very beautiful.

I often ‘disappear’ into this world. In moments I need to find myself, moments I take to relax or when I meditate. I close my eyes and in my mind I dive into the ocean, into this amazing world and I stay. I stay for as long as I can. I travel the ocean in my thoughts. I swim with the whales, with the sharks, the dolphins, even with jellies. I float on the surface, ride the waves. Feel like they first pull me in an then push me forward. It’s where I find peace.

Now I wish I could free dive. I wish I could scuba dive. But I can’t go too deep. So I stick to snorkeling and swimming and eventually I will pick up surfing too. It must be an amazing feeling to ride the board on a wave. As they say: “Like gods walking on water…”


17 thoughts on “Emerging In Water

  1. I totally share your fascination about water. It is such a powerful force. But then again it has this calming and clearing effect. The energy of water is my biggest inspiration. Great post. And I loooove the picture of the wave!

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  2. When you say “diving with no water” do you mean w/o an air tank? 9-11 minutes is a very long time!
    Every once in awhile we stop in a dive shop — haven’t made the commitment yet, but someday I hope to also!
    Beautiful picture and happy Earth Day 2015!

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  3. I love the thought of free diving but as soon as I get under water my brain freaks so it is only in my mind that I can enjoy that. Love the photos of the water that turtle awesome.

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