The Only Home We Have

Thought long and hard about what would be smart to add to this. And I thought: Let’s try to think of our world as the home we live in. Now picture it full of rubbish. Picture it full of people fighting. Picture it with people in it chasing your pets, trying to kill them…

Would you accept this? In your own 4 walls?

I would not. I would try to do as much as I can. I would try to get the people to stop fight (or then kick them out… but I guess we can not kick them off the planet…). I would definitely try to stop those who try to kill my pets. And I would try to convince them all to focus their energy in cleaning up my place. I would do my very best to clean it up. One step after the other.

I often hear from people “Oh, what can I do? There is nothing I can do to change it. I’m only a normal person, I can’t change anything…”. It upsets me! Imagine a little raindrop. This little raindrop can not water a field. But if you combine it with another raindrop and another and another then you will eventually end up with a proper amount of rain and you will be able to water the field. It’s the same with looking after our planet.

As long as we think that the little action we are able to do is not good enough, we will not change anything. But if we do our little bit, we will make it better. One step at a time!

It’s time to look after our home and clean up our act.


12 thoughts on “The Only Home We Have

  1. That’s so right! A single person might not be able to change the world. But one person can make a start and inspire and activate others. There is no excuse to only sit back and watch. Every big change has always been a co-creation because others supported the idea of one person. This person had an idea, a vision, went for it, and affected others. Together we can change the world. Even Jesus would have achieved nothing, if he did not have any followers…

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  2. Interesting perspective. It does make you think, anything, no matter how little you think it is, is never insignificant. Have you heard of Mars One? They are sending people to live on Mars on a one way ticket. The first group will get there in 2026.

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  3. Agreed! We all need to do our part, together good people working together,each doing their part can accomplish even the biggest task.For me its things like decreasing trash,cleaning without those chemicals,planting,reusing, just doing the many small things I can do. Great post,thanks for sharing!

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