My Picks Of The Week #17

There here! There here! My Picks Of The Week!!! I hope you enjoy my little list as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Please head over and check them out.

Lucile De Godoy
She’s done it again. She captured me with her writing. What a post. So many messages in it…

The Monster In Your Closet
How very true. Time to break up with this voice in our head!

I’m sure glad coffee is healthy…

Another Day In Mommadise
What a great and honest post. Yes, love your lines, ladies! They all tell the story of your children…

Plays Well With Words
Just go with it 🙂 Being an idiot can be fun too 😉

Domesticated Momster
I’m still nodding and smiling although it’s been days since I’ve read this post… Yes, that’s what it’s about being a SAHM (or a SAHD…)

Green Wolf Pack
Life is like jumping off a diving board sometimes…

My Personal Thing
A post about domestic abuse. Check it out and check out the post mentioned in it…

My Decade Long Travels
It’s such a shame that two people are given a hard time although they love each other and look after each other, just because one of them is considered ‘different’ due to which ever reason…

Blogging For Therapy
And that’s why I struggle with how certain people use ‘Religion’…

My Friday Blog
Religion… again… or better the way people use it… again… makes me mad… especially when people are rude and try to shove it in your face (as I’ve stated here)…

Oh the things the kids say…

But I Smile Anyway…
And there is a short one but a sweet one 😉

May 13th
How very true! Dare to be different…


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21 thoughts on “My Picks Of The Week #17

  1. Thank you for including my blog-type-thing. I am honored and humbled at your generosity. Which reminds me…have you found Xarzak? Xarzak is the only true creator of all things and energy of life. Hahahaha.

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