Exposed To Nature – Nature Chills Challenge #3

Great post for the Nature Chills Challenge #3. Thanks so much for participating 🙂

Random Syra

Hey Humans!

Since I was a baby my parents have already exposed me to the nature. They both met in a group of ‘nature lovers’, where they would go hiking, camping, and other fun stuff. So I naturally grew within the nature. I’m very lucky because I got to go on wild trips. I’ve been on a road trip across Queensland – Victoria (Australia) and also Java – Bali (Indonesia), a few times we would stay at a camp site or a caravan park. I recently got my diving license too, the underwater is amazing!

Where ever I go, the nature never disappoints me. The view, the smell, the noise, the feel, the taste, all the senses I could think of always makes me feel happy and calm. Sometimes I get the chills, or I could have been cold… But when I see the highest peek of the nature I always get this rush feeling, my…

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