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I might get myself into dangerous territory here. But there is one thing that I need to get off my chest. Actually I already did a little while ago with this post. So just for being clear: I’m aware of the fact that religion is really important to many of you. I’m aware that you believe and that you gain a lot of strength out of it. I’m aware that your believes helped many of you through really hard times.

So I thought it’s time for some lists.

Maybe I start of with a list of things I don’t understand in regards to religion:

I don’t understand why it should be your way or no way.

I don’t understand why everyone needs to believe in the same god or thing in order for this world to be in balance.

I don’t understand why I have to justify the way I see it, the way I believe it.

I don’t understand why some people get aggressive just because you don’t believe the way they do.

I don’t understand why some people take it upon themselves to force others into believing into the same thing they do.

I don’t understand, because if your god is the way you say he/she/it is, then all of this should not be necessary. We all would be welcomed with open arms, everything would be forgiven and we would be loved, no matter what.


How about a list of things I believe in:

I do believe too. But I don’t believe in having to go to a building in order to be good. I don’t believe in having to read a book in order to be good. I don’t believe that rules written by people centuries ago have to be followed to the dot nowadays in order to be good. I don’t believe that you have to repeat a ‘poem’ written in the words of someone else in order to say thank you or in order to be good.

I believe that there is something out there that created this beautiful world, something that created us, that looks after us. Something that makes this world go round and round.

I believe that we have to be thankful for the beauty we see every day. Our life, the people in our life. This world.

I believe in saying thank you. But I want to do it in my words.

I believe in mysteries and in magic. I believe in miracles.


Some thoughts on the side:

I think that religion, which religion does not matter really, is unfortunately used as a tool of power and control nowadays. Probably always… All the different books with all those stories and rules, which were written by amazing people many many many summers ago, are used to control. Are used to brainwash. And I think it’s a shame.

I feel very rarely are those words used to make the world better. Look around!

Instead of teaching that loving each other, no matter if heterosexual or homosexual or any other possible way, is a good thing, as long as you love each other and treat each other with respect. Unfortunately too often it’s used to teach that there is only one “right” way… Why? I ask you! Especially the ones that deeply believe (in whichever religion). I do have some questions for you.


How about a short list of questions:

Why is it, that people can not freely decide who they want to love and spend their lives with? Why does it have to be heterosexual?

Why is it wrong to believe in other gods, or nature or whatever tribes or other people, other cultures believe in? They believe in something good, something great, something unique too…

Why is it, that there can only be one god? And why is it that God can not also be Allah or Buddah? I’m aware that the stories written in the books those religions use are not the same. Having said that… they are pretty similar in some cases…

Why is it, that you can follow all those rules and then be a racist?


Some thoughts on the side:

Religion should be about love and acceptance, right? Where is the love and the acceptance for the people who decide to believe slightly different?

Now, I’m not saying that just because you read the Bible and go to Church (or the Koran and Mosque or whatever…), you are not living love and acceptance. This is just generally speaking. Some questions that I have for a while.

For me personally, I don’t see the point why I have to go to a building on a specific day, or that I have to pray on a specific time or in specific words. There is something out there and I am so thankful for what I get from it. I feel close to it in nature, when I see my children, when I look around, realizing how amazing this world is. And I say my thanks. In my words, in my way.

Does that make me a bad person?

I highly doubt it.

I think what this world needs is more love and more acceptance. It’s love and acceptance for each and everyone of us. We need to learn to be kind and accepting again. Not overpowering or dictating. We should look after each other instead of trying to control each other. There should be more together and less against each other.

Sounds a little bit like a pipe-dream… But still: How nice would it be, right?


Not only but also in response to the Daily Post Daily Prompt – The Satisfaction Of A List

75 thoughts on “About Religion, Acceptance And Love

  1. I spent 20 years in the US military and I learned a fair number of what I believe are certain truths in this world. one of them is there are a number of paths in life. pick the one that comforts you. another is one pat isn’t more important than another.

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  2. Ooohhh! Touche subject! πŸ˜‰ I could go on and on abt this too, but for now I agree with you 100%. Praying all the time and doing “good” things in the name of religion doesn’t make one a good person if one still gossips, lie, cheat, steal. Why can’t we all get along in spite of differing religious beliefs?

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  3. 1. Because God said so, if I made the rules that one would not be but I haven’t been around as long as God so im sure there’s a reason I just dont know it.
    2. Because there is only one God
    3. Again because there is only one God but that doesnt mean he cant be called another name.
    4. No one who is truly a christian can be racist, so if there is a person who is racist or mean to others because they are different than they are not true Christians. As for going to a certain building i assume you mean church, and I personally go to church to learn and be around others of the same faith as me because I have questions to, and usually people at my church have the answers.

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    • Thanks! I think you nailed it with what you say to point 4. But then people still call themselves Christians and sometimes they even pretend to be better than others. I tried to speak of a building as I want to be as open as possible. I also don’t want to say Christians or Muslims, Buddhist or any other religion as I think all of what I wrote applies to every religion out there. If people twist and turn it to a point where they can gain any advantage (other than peace) from it, then there is something wrong. Thanks for your thoughts πŸ™‚

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  4. This is one of the most amazing statements what belief really is about. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and most of all feelings about religion and belief with us. Only because we belief doesn’t mean that we are part of a religion. And most of all the other way around. I totally go with you in every thought and question. Not God made the religions – people made it. We are 7 billion individuals on this planet. Every being has its on history and life path. It is impossible that there shall only be one way “to heaven”. There are 7 billion ways to heaven. I love your entrance quote! It doesn’t matter what we believe. It matters THAT we believe. Buddha said: “Don’t believe what you hear, what you read, what you see, not even what I say, as long as it doesn’t relate to your conviction.” We all know what’s right or wrong in our hearts. We don’t need someone to tell us. The danger is that when we do, we don’t believe ourselves anymore. But our way is important because it inspires others to see more miracles in life.
    Religions are OK for the people who find comfort in them. They also teach that there is a higher force and wisdom than us. But this force is not separated form us. We are part of it. We are partners! We are connected not only with this force but also with each other. God is in everyhting and everyone. And as soon as we all realize that, we will not only have peace on earth but also heal our planet. I don’t know if I have written everything that came to my mind while reading. Sorry, it got long anyway. I am happy that you did this post. We don’t need to go into a building or read a book in order to find God. We only need to look into ourselves and we see the whole universe! Thank you!!!

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  5. I agree with you on so many points. Mostly because of my experience with how a friendship of mine was destroyed by religion. Not that we didn’t agree on it, but she became a different person, not the person I became friends with. And supposedly she was helping people but all I saw was how much more judgmental she became and bad-mouthing other religions. There’s such a thing as religious prejudice. I believe religion should be a personal relationship, why do I have to share it with anyone else except with the big guy upstairs? Nice post.

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  6. This is great! It’s so lovely that you’re able to phrase your questions in such a way that they are inquisitive while still being respectful of others’ beliefs. πŸ™‚

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  7. we tend to box God in…and one irony is how one religious group condemns another and yet both are just as aggressive…i’m so so absolutely glad that I live in a world where this conversation is legal and totally permitted

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  8. Great post! I’m a Christian (but not one of *those* Christians who feel the need to only control others and spread hate) and agree with/understand everything in your post.

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  9. I say I am not religious but I Am Spiritual. I went to church for a while and enjoyed the fellowship what I did not like is Christian people talking and putting down other people then preaching how good you had to be to go to heaven anyhow like your lists well put. Sigh…would be nice if we could all be accepting and loving.

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  10. Loved this post and agree with you 100%! To me it’s not about religion, but the relationship that I have with God. Everyone’s relationship with God is going to look different and that’s okay. πŸ™‚

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  11. You have asked some very simple, yet deeply philosophical questions. I attended university to study philosophy and religious history. These questions have haunted religion for ages. I personally believe Krishna said it best: when men worship other gods, do not worry, for they are actually praying to the same spirit. One common thread at the heart of all religions is to love your neighbor as yourself, do not neglect widows, orphans and the poor, feed the hungry. Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Taoism, Islam all teach these principles. People sometimes are too “religious” to notice this fact.

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      • I was thinking about how brave you were to post that. I never would because I cannot stomach intolerance or evangelicals that argue to change your mind versus learn about this gigantic awesome world in which we live. Different cultures mesmerize me and I am so thankful to be able to appreciate many new and different worldviews.

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  12. Bravo! Posts like this one are why I follow your blog πŸ™‚ I really appreciate that over here, in these comments, I can believe whatever I want, think whatever I want, heck *express* whatever I want, as long as it doesn’t trash others (and I don’t do that in public, anyway). In the world of my own blog I’m always so afraid of offending people and losing readership. Far Beyond the Stars is not a lifestyle blog. It’s a science blog. And that’s me. I trust the tried and true and the frontiers of science more than almost anything else. It’s the only constant in my world that I approve of. I’m an atheist who is often exposed to attacks by some of the population of believers. I’m a global warming activist constantly wading through a sea of denial. But can I express my many opinions on the controversy that surrounds me? Not often. Because unlike you, expressing such opinions *nicely* and *considerately* has never come naturally to me. By the time I’m done forcing it out, it sounds false and I trash it. And so I commend you for your communication skills. And your kindred spirit, of course, but that sounds wrong, since I’m supposed to approve of everyone else’s ideas too. Dang it, I’m so opinionated.

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  13. A partial, though importan answer to some of your remarks might be found here: Salva’s reply. – It’s politics, stupid! Not religion (https://salvaveniaxxl.wordpress.com/2014/09/13/salvas-reply-its-politics-stupid-not-religion/).

    Otherwise the verdict goes: There should be no compulsion in religion. (Koran 2:257)

    BTW, the initial claim by the Dalai Lama seems to express certain shortcomings, because there exist lot’s of people who won’t appreciate kindness and compassion, e.g. psychopaths. πŸ™‚

    Most interesting post!

    Greetings from Germany,

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  14. I read the DaVinci code. I just commented on a similar post on Facebook regarding a similar idea http://beingthissandy.blogspot.com/2015/04/what-are-we-ending-dysfunctional-legacy.html?m=1. The books written arestories. Stories written and told by storytellers. I believe in the universe. That is my religion. It is chaotic and ever changing but it is where I get my answers. So I agree that just being alive is religion enough. I totally agree. Thanks for this post.

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  15. I go through the same thought process about religion and spirituality and this post of yours resonates exactly with my thoughts. I am a Hindu by birth but do not practice religious rituals. I too feel why do I have to sit at one place in the house or in the temple to say and repeat the prayers written ages ago to communicate with God. When God is deemed to be Almighty then can he not understand when I speak to him or say my prayers in my own words in the language I am comfortable with and at whichever place I want to. Another thought when someone says that they would fight to prove the supremacy of their God , why can’t they see that God is powerful and he does not seek any saving from mortal humans. I agree this topic can be touchy to many but still there are many who think on the same lines as in this post. Thank you for writing this post.

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  16. This was a wonderful and insightful post. I agree with you totally. I respect all religions but I don’t feel I need to go to a building or read a book to make me a good person. I treat everyone the same regardless of colour, creed, sexuality or anything else. If only wee could all do the same!

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  17. Good post.
    I don’t knock anyone’s beliefs or faith. I may not agree with it, I may not understand it, in fact I probably don’t want to, and I don’t want to be brainwashed into thinking theirs is the only and right way.
    I have my own view that I am comfortable with, and it can’t be found in any book or any building. You don’t have to go to church to pray. You don’t have to pray when you go to church.

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  19. I think you made some really valid points. Religion in itself is man-made, God didn’t make the religions. God said the Judeans AND the Gentiles would receive (meaning everyone who believed. Man added all the other stuff just to confuse it all and cause division.

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  20. I usually never comment on matters of religion or politics – love your opening line “dangerous territory” … while God is a personal choosing for me – I am believer of relationship over religion. My Pastor shared a story, that the general consensus at a local hub frequently visited as an after church service, a place to grab a bite to eat – the servers have the most complaints with regards to the “Christians” that wander in … there is a fair amount of piety among church-goers. I find it interesting on a personal note that the Grace extended to any of us who have darkened the doorstep of a building seems to be remiss. It certainly was a good thing for me that God didn’t impose a “to-do” list – 30 years ago … thank you for sharing!

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    • I like how you say “that God didn’t impose a ‘to-do’ list”… I think for me that is kind of the issue. I want to be able to believe in God freely. Live a life full of respect and tolerance. That’s what it’s all about for me.

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  21. Absolutely amazing good post. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I The only way we can even hope to get to more love and acceptance in this world is when people speak up with the honesty of their thoughts, and sincerity of their hearts the way that you have. Thank you.

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