When The Wolf Becomes Real…

I saw this. I knew it would be heart wrenching. And it hit me. How hard must it be…

All that time you try to forget. All that time you try to work through it, try to find back to a “normal” life, trying to deal with the nightmares, the memories, the fear, the disgust, the shame, the pictures in your head

And then this happens.

And you know what I find is terrible? It’s not that Facebook suggests this person as a friend or a person you might know. How could it, how could they possibly know? I see how much it must hit you, what it would do to you…

What I think is terrible, horrible, scary, disgusting, is the fact that he finds out that he shares mutual friends with this person…

Now how can you deal with this? How do you react towards the mutual friends? What do you communicate?

As he said: Suddenly the Wolf not only has a name. He has a middle name. He has a father… He has a life…

Please listen to what he has to say!


17 thoughts on “When The Wolf Becomes Real…

  1. That is so powerful and sad when people do not believe you or tell you not to say anything but we live on and work at being stronger and some can and do but some can’t and don’t and that is even sadder. People mess up people just like people shoot people (not guns-people) We need things like this to remind others it is not okay and it can mean a life wasted and ruined. No one should ever have to live with this but they do. Hard to listen to.

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