Sisters We Are

Thank you so much, Ritu, from But I Smile Anyway, for the nomination to the Sisterhood Of The World Award. I’ve already received this award prior (you can check out my post here, if you like) and will therefor only answer Ritu’s 10 Questions. I will have a little “Challenge” for you though, at the end of this post, so please keep reading 😉

Ritu’s 10 Questions
1) If you were a city, which would you be, and why?
Ha… that is an interesting question… Paris, New York or Sydney… Paris, because it is so romantic and… well… french… And I just love it. New York, because it is special, vibrant, crazy, wild, but still very elegant and pretty. And last but not least Sydney, as it is Aussie and beautiful and special. A special city. A city you can’t compare really to any other city. (Oh and I do love Melbourne! That one is very pretty too!!!)
2) If someone was to write your life story, what would the title be?
And She Keeps Going, One Step At A Time 😉 (As I’m not writing it, I would not really know what would be the main focus in the story… so this is a guess… there would be plenty of options…)
3) How many pairs of shoes do you have?
I have never counted them… But I’m not a shoe girl. Not yet. I love runners and I usually get new runners before I get new heels. I do have a couple of pair of heels, a couple of runners, a couple of boots and flip flops… Love my flip flops…
4) What 3 things could you not live without?
Things… Honestly… I think I could live without any of my things… Some I would miss (like my phone and my computer and my mascara) some I wouldn’t… But I think I could totally go without if necessary.
5) Who is your biggest inspiration?
My dad is a huge inspiration to me. Other than him… there are so many strong people out there. So many inspirational people. And so many of them are not famous.
6) Sweet or Sour?
Both 🙂 And savory too 🙂
7) What is your favorite animated film?
Epic, Home, Finding Nemo, Brave, Frozen, Tangled, Up… there are so many. They all have great messages. I really love watching animated movies!
8) Live to eat, or eat to live?
I’ve never been in the situation that I had to fear for my life because there was not enough food. I do enjoy food. I enjoy entertaining and cooking, so eating is definitely one of the pleasures in my life. It’s a joy!
9) Tell me about your most embarrassing moment!
Other than when my pants ripped (getting back on my horse) in front of a couple of guys passing me on their mountain bikes? … Nope… there is no other…
10) Do you believe in aliens?
Sure! Why would all of this out there only be for us? And honestly, there must be something more intelligent out there. Something that hopefully doesn’t destroy its environment and race… And that’s probably why they are not out there looking for us. Because they don’t feel the need to go find a new planet to live on… And they are happy with what they have…

Now… I thought I instead of mentioning a couple of great blogs and nominate them for this award, I would challenge you all a little bit. So if you are up for it, how about you take one of the questions asked to me and write about the question or my answer in a post (if you don’t feel inspired by the questions asked by Ritu or any of my answers here, then maybe check out the post I wrote for my first nomination). Then pingback to this post or if you prefer simply mention the post in the comments below. I’m looking forward to reading it 🙂

14 thoughts on “Sisters We Are

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  2. I am so glad you added Melbourne to your Aussie list, we think its better than Syndey… But that is local rivalry for you. Just popped over to visit from Edwina’s page!

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  3. thoughtful answers. And so “you!” you’re right about the Aliens; we’re not the only ones out there, they must be much more intelligent because they know we’ll destroy ourselves before realizing how good we could have been for our planet and they’ll just come and restore it to its former beauty. They just have to be patient, when Humans are not and want everything now, without thinking of the consequences…

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