One Word Photo Challenge: Rain

As a child I was told that where there is rain there is sun and the other way around. Growing up in Switzerland we had a lot of rain… in summer… and in a way you start to dislike it really. Now, living in Australia I really appreciate the rainy days. I love them. And I love to dance in the rain on occasions…

Rain brings water for the fields, it makes plants grow and cools everything down. It clears the air. But it can also be destructive. There are always two sides to everything…

When someone you know loses her youngest son in a car accident, you know that it’s hard enough for her as it is already… You need to know though, that she had lost her husband to cancer a couple of years ago already, and that her oldest son has fought cancer and is now considered a survivor. She had been through a lot, she had been strong, and now got struck again… A mother should never see her child pass away…

In moments like this, I wonder how much the human soul can take? How you can see through the rain again? I guess you have to keep going…

As they say: There will be sun…after the rain… And I sure hope, that there will be plenty of sun in her future… There has to be!

Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Photo Challenge.


17 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Rain

  1. Sometimes it is unbelievable what some people have to go through. Although in the end she has to deal with this most terrible kind of loss it helps a lot knowing that there are people around for her. Since you are her friend she has at least one wonderful compassionate and supportive person by her side.

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