Your Stories – Move Across The Country For Love! By Undisclosed And Exposed

What a beautiful story about love at first sight 🙂 Thank you so much, Anna from Undiscovered And Exposed, for sharing this with me! I agree, your parents are in deed the living proof that love at first sight truly exists.

If you have a beautiful love story to tell, feel free to contact me, or just email it to me for my feature ‘Couples’.

My parents got married after knowing each other for three months and because they lived on opposite sides of the country(mom in LA, dad in NYC)  they saw each other about three times in the span of the three months.

My mom had gotten out of a bad relationship about six months before she met my father. My father was in a relationship when he met my mother. Of course my father ended the relationship he was in at some point, once realizing how much he loved my mother.

Anyways, in the beginning, neither of them wanted to meet, but a mutual friend said that they had to meet each other.

My mom said that the second she walked in the room, and she and my father locked eyes, there was this spark, this energy. She said she had never felt anything like it before. Immediately the two of them were in love. That weekend they were inseparable.

My father then had to go back to NYC to work. Days after he got back to NYC, my mom had a knock on the door, and a delivery man held a bouquet of flowers. “There’s more,” the delivery man said. In the end my moms whole apartment was filled with flowers. It was a small apartment, but the whole apartment was filled she said.

Weeks later she visited my father in NYC. My father asked her to move in, and she said no. In her mind it was crazy for her to move across the country and give up her job without a real commitment. Days later, they were in a restaurant and my dad said, “Will you marry me?” My mom got up and went to the bathroom.

She was freaking out. She knew it was crazy, the whole thing. She came back out and sat down and said, “Yes.”

My mom moved to NYC, they got married at city hall, and made a day of it with their best friend, who was the witness, and their neighbor, who was a photographer who documented the whole day.

To this day they are happy. I love seeing their wedding photo’s around the house. They make me believe in love. They inspire me to take chances, and have faith.

9 thoughts on “Your Stories – Move Across The Country For Love! By Undisclosed And Exposed

      • Never have. My parents dated for years before they got together. I liked my first boyfriend for a year but the relationship only worked for two weeks and four days. Other guys I’ve liked haven’t liked me, or I’ve had to ignore all the hint-hints in favor of pursuing an education. I’ve never seen love at first sight, or experienced it. Ever. I think I have due cause to be a cynic on the issue.

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  1. You always have the sweetest posts! 🙂

    Less than two months after I met my wife of 23 years, I told my best friend I was going to marry her one day. He was rather surprised, especially since she was only 15 at the time! 😀

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