Imagine Cinderella And Then Judge Again…

We all constantly say that a woman’s body is a woman’s body. That size should not matter. That looks don’t matter. That nobody has the right to judge or criticize. 

Especially after giving birth. It doesn’t matter that the hair is undone, that no make up is put on and that sweat pants and loose shirts are worn. It doesn’t matter because we just gave birth. But suddenly it does matter again!

There is this one woman, who just recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. And no matter how many people were there to support her, no matter how well she was looked after, she went through labor, like any other mother too. She went through the entire process of giving birth, she was pregnant for the same amount of time as we all were. She felt sick, she got bigger, she probably had swollen ankles. And yet people now judge and criticize her. Why? Because her hair is sweaty and undone? Because she looks exhausted? Because she wears sweat pants?

No! Because she had her hair done and had make up on. And she was wearing a nice dress and heels. Why? Because she has too! She’s part of the royal family. And the media is picking up on everything…

It’s her job to represent. Always represent. And that means that you can never look tired or out of shape. Just check out the gossip magazines! Watch TV! If one of the so called role models slips and doesn’t look his or her best, gains some pounds, everyone is all over them. And it wouldn’t be any different in this case.

I wonder where the difference is between criticizing someone for looking tired, maybe out of shape and not groomed, and doing the same for someone, who’s trying to look as good as possible.

I’m sick and tired of reading the comments about how spoiled she is, about how many nurses were looking after her and how many people will take care of her and the baby at home now. Yes, the easiest would be to stop reading about it and for sure to stop reading all the comments. In a way it’s too late already as I’ve seen too many, and I’m shocked about how judgmental we all are.

So here are some of the things I picked up:

  • Her hair is done and she wears make up and women go on and on about the fact that she probably had someone come in to do her hair and her make up…
  • She is wearing heels and a beautiful dress… of course you can, if you can afford designer clothes…
  • She had special attention in the hospital, heaps of nurses and at home there is an army of staff waiting to take care of her and the baby…

These are only three of the many toxic comments I’ve seen! Now, to all of you:

  • Did you give birth on a street in the dirt somewhere without any help? No? So then, please be quiet. Because someone did and they could start criticizing you too for giving birth in a hospital, with nurses and doctors around…
  • She is a celebrity. Because we make her a celebrity and because she is a royal. Yes, she choose to marry into this, but did she choose who she fell in love with? She’s always in the spotlight, because we want to know what she’s doing, eating, wearing and where she’s going and with whom all the time. There are photographers who are constantly on her heel, trying to snatch a picture of her or her new baby. Trying to snatch a picture of her looking bad, just something they can sell for a ton of money. Because we’re the vultures who want to see those pictures. We want to see her look bad, want to see her struggle, want to see her do something wrong. Why? I don’t know! Maybe because we’re jealous of her life?
  • If you would be in her shoes (and now be honest), wouldn’t you want to have as many nurses and doctors around as possible? Wouldn’t you want as much support as possible? And have you ever thought about the fact, that maybe she doesn’t want it but she has to accept it, because it’s kind of forced on her? After all the babies aren’t just hers. And what a bad feeling that must be! They’re now part of the royal family. There’s a lot this mom can’t just decide on her own or together with her husband. So many things are just already decided. And it’s the same for her. So cut her some slack!
  • She’s not only wearing designer clothes. She wears totally affordable things too and that, for me, makes her a great royal and a great celebrity!
  • In the end this is all about jealousy. Every single toxic comment. Because deep down inside we would love to be treated like this. Treated like a princess. And that’s what she is and how she gets treated. Imagine Cinderella having a baby! What do you think would happen there? She would be well looked after and the fairy godmothers would make sure she would be able to recover and would look her best (because she always does…). They would look after her baby. The public would love to see her and the baby and she would represent and show her newborn to them, from the balcony of the castle. Get it?

Now stop being mean. Cut her some slack. Yes, she chose to marry William. She chose to live this live and it’s for sure a good life. But there are downsides to it too. It’s not only an easy ride. There is hardly any privacy and you can’t just let yourself go. We all have this luxury of just let ourselves go every now and then. We can look like crap if we feel like it. We can go out without an army of photographers chasing us. We can do whatever we like to without an army of paparazzi following us.

Just imagine you with your husband and your two kids would like to stroll through the streets of the ski resort you spend your vacation at and there is at least 50 people following you, constantly taking pictures and harassing you, pushing themselves between you and your children to get the best shot possible…

There’s always two sides to every story and we should just stop being so judgmental. It’s interesting to see how people ask for respect but don’t pay others the same respect.

21 thoughts on “Imagine Cinderella And Then Judge Again…

  1. Well said! Sure, Kate gets some advantages and privileges that others don’t, but there are a lot of disadvantages too and at the end of the day she’s just a mum who wants the best for her family, how she or someone else does her hair should be pretty secondary to all that.

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  2. I love you ended it, how those same judgmental people hate have themselves judged. People can get so caught up in celebrity lifestyle that they forget about their own. I, personally, would be entirely frustrated with that much attention. Imagine if the media covered our lives like they do the royals… HAHA 😀

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  3. Well said. I wouldn’t want to change places with her and be in the spotlight all the time.
    She lives in a goldfish bowl, always on show, nowhere to hide, yet no matter how she really feels, she has a smile for everyone.
    Of all the Royal Family, I like Kate and William best. They don’t let the gawper papparazzis get their way all the time, genuinely have fun instead of rehearsed antics, and seem to be in touch with the People which is why they are so popular.
    I wish the media would just leave them alone and let them enjoy some kind of normalcy with Princess Charlotte and Prince George as he gets used to having a baby sister.

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  4. Very well said. People should really spare the celeberities, it’s not their fault that they are famous and they too deserve some privacy like anyone of us.

    Similar thing happened with our Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. She was criticized by media all over for putting up weight while she was pregnant. Her fault was she focused more on being a mother and not a celebrity for a while.

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  5. Well said. I mean, really, if you don’t have anything to say beyond “congratulations” or “how beautiful they are!” then why even comment? And further, why be so bitter? My goodness.

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