Friendship And Modern Technology

This morning I was sitting at my computer, trying to write and at the same time watching and listening to my daughter, who was facetiming with a friend in the US. And I can’t stop thinking how beautiful it is that there are no problems anymore with staying in touch.

First, they played a card game. How? I don’t know, but they did. Then, they played music together. One on the guitar and the other one played the flute. And then they talked about school and all the other things they’re doing at the moment. 

While they were chatting my little girl’s friend told her that some of the girls at school were a bit mean to her. How nice that they can share their worlds in such a way. And how wonderful to know, that no matter what goes on in your daily life, on the other side of the world is that one friend, who’s there for you. Who has nothing to do with all your regular things and just cares.

Thanks to our technology that friend is reachable almost all the time. No more waiting for weeks to get a letter. Or crazy expenses for two minutes on the phone. Right now I love the modern technology and I’m so grateful we can stay in touch so easily with the people we care about so much.

28 thoughts on “Friendship And Modern Technology

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    I agree. For all the harping about the “bad sides” of technology there are so many good things that I really can’t see the issue. Facetime is awesome for staying in touch as well! Nice post! -OM
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  2. yep, I love the ‘net…i’m a old fart and occasionally I talk to a kid online but in this day, well…I usually get blocked “just because”…there’s no way i’m gonna to try and seduce some kid online or try to arrange a meet-up…I love my freedom and that’s just not my vibe…but, yeah I love the ‘net

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  3. I love how easy it is to stay in touch these days, but nothing yet replaces the letter. A friend and I have been trading letters since way back when that was the normal thing to do, and emails couldn’t replace them. The form forces me to slow down and think a bit, not just toss some words off the top of my head.

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  4. I agrre completely! Sure, the world has changed due to Facebook, Google and the internet in general. Sure, society may have become more individualistic. But there are certainly advantages too, like not having to wait weeks if not months for a response from a friend or relative who has gone to seek greener pastures.

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  5. You are right. There is a downside to our technological age but to keep in touch with distant friends – old and new , for the lonely, for the house bound, sick or elderly and just for that everyday feeling that someone is there – it’s great!

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  6. I actually utilise both modern and ‘traditional’ communications with my overseas friends, we chat online, email and swap photos etc but a couple of time a year parcels make their way across the pond between me and a couple of my friends, both of us love old fashioned letters and postcards but we also send drawings from the kids and sweets and just other silly little things that we know will make the others smile. I had a conversation recently with someone who claimed you could never really know anyone properly on line I pointed out actually may times you can know that person better than a person sat in the same room as you because the distance allows you to be more open and honest without fear of judgement.

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