Nature Chills Challenge #3 Participants

I made a massive mistake and forgot to mention three participants of the Nature Chills Challenge #3 in my last post! Thank you so much, The Beespeak, for pointing it out! So here is the proper list and the adjusted poll. Apologies for the mistake!

The Nature Chills Challenge #3 is almost over. We reached the Deadline and now it’s up to you to vote for the winner of this round. Here are your participants:

Water Course – Pensitivity101

Monkey Business – Nihongojapango

Challenges to Getting Outdoors Daily – Pocket Mouse Publishing

Be Still – The Beespeak

Philippines, my Philippines – Ladyleemanila

Exposed To Nature -Random Syra

The Beach Is My Haven – SerenaArtiste

There Was Light – Books, Music, Photography, & Movies

With now all the entries listed, please head back to the poll and vote again. Thank you all so much!

17 thoughts on “Nature Chills Challenge #3 Participants

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