WordPress And Followers

I realized that some of the blog I follow suddenly didn’t appear in my Reader anymore, or that I’ve haven’t seen any posts for a very long time anymore. When I then checked the blogs out I saw, that apparently I’m no longer following those blogs! Seriously? I only un-followed two blogs in the time I’m blogging! Anybody else experiencing this? Or any explanation what could have happened? Where there any technical issues I’m not aware of? Any changes? It really annoys me. I feel like I missed out on some really great posts…

87 thoughts on “WordPress And Followers

  1. yes it is a wordpress glitch, it has been happening for almost 2 months, people complain to the support boards and those idiots at wordpress keep saying it is the user doing it not wordpress, it’s annoying and frustrating to say the least

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  2. I’ve experienced this as well. A number of my followers have told me that they’ve somehow ‘unfollowed’ my blog. I hope WordPress gets this fixed soon.

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  3. I have noticed this too. When I am in Reader, I see people that I know that I am following that have the Follow Button next to them when I search in the categories. I have noticed the same people re-following me over & over again as well. It is weird & annoying.

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  4. It happens to me, too. I also thought it was my fat fingers screwing up when reading on mobile, but then I noticed that a few people I’ve followed–who never showed up in my reader at all–showed up that way. And even after following them again multiple times, it still comes up like that after a day or so. So weird. And annoying.

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  5. Same here, I “unfollow” others all the time and I really feel bad when I have to re-follow a blogger I know very well. As if I was stupid to keep him.

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  6. Yep, same over here! I don’t know with how many blogs that might have been happenede. But I noticed it pretty fast with those bloggers who are posting daily since I missed their posts. Also I others told me that they were unfollowed. What I noticed else is that my comment viewer sometimes doesn’t show all comments. It is very uncomfortable and annoying since this issue persists for a while already.

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  7. I have not noticed it, but the amount of people this has happened to in your comments, maybe I should check. Come to think of it there, there are a few bloggers I have not heard from in a while.
    Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

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  8. Most of what I was going to say has been said…..but yes and yes and yes. And certainly it’s been going on longer than 2 months. Having the “like” button next to the “follow” button on the bar at the top doesn’t help. I’ve hit that on more than one occasion and unfollowed someone by mistake (but THAT I catch) when the WP glitches don’t show the ‘like’ button after a post. But that issue you usually catch right away.

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  9. I’ve had similar instances and have gone into the relevant blogs directly having checked on my ‘blogs I follow’ list that they are still there. I have lost and refollowed three in total, but not all at the same time. Odd.

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  10. I did some user error type of thing in the past, it’s easy when scrolling around to accidentally “unclick” the following button (in top left corner of screen.) Also, in you admin area, there’s spots to unclick there, as well. I’ve found that I have done that a couple of times.

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  11. Same thing happened to me, hun! One of my favourites, Lifestyles by Lia, just disappears off my reader. Drives me crazy. Also happened between me and A PROMPT Reply, who is another complete favourite. I think it is a glitch. Only advice is that if you aren’t seeing stuff from your faves, give them a visit and see if you are still following. It’s always worth checking. 🙂 Mother Hen

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  12. This has been known to happen. What I do is I subscribe when possible via email that I send to an address set up just for such emails. That way, my inbox isn’t inundated and I can keep up with everyone at my leisure rather than keeping up with the reader.

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  13. Yes i have had it happen a couple times luckily they were ones I chatted with often so when I had not seen posts for a while checked it out and followed again.

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