Don’t Judge Too Quickly…

I’m not 100% sure for how long I’m doing Yoga now. I guess I’m probably in my third year. For years and years Yoga for me was similar to playing golf… I thought only old people do it (Sorry! And don’t worry, I changed my mind in both cases…I’m much smarter now…). And then my kids started doing Yoga. They loved it from the very beginning and my son would only skip his Yoga class for very important things. So I thought I have to try it too…

I used to think that Yoga is more stretching and meditating than working out. Now, doing Vinyasa classes twice a week, I know better. Boy, it’s tough! Tough but so wonderful. I just came back from today’s class and a walk in the park with the dogs and right now I’m just glad I can sit down for a little bit. I’m still doing my HIIT workouts but decided to add a second Yoga class to my weekly workout schedule and I think it is really helping me get in the right zone. I totally enjoy the hard workout I get in the Yoga classes but I love the short meditation at the end too. Actually, I feel the entire class is almost like meditating, as you just can’t focus on anything else but your breathing and your body.

The moment I start my mind is free. I just can’t hang on to thoughts. They have no more room. And even at the end of the class, when we finish it with a short meditation, those thoughts don’t come back. When I lie there and relax, glad to have made it through this intense hour, my mind starts drifting off to the ocean and I find myself back in this element. I know they say that you should not think of anything. But I enjoy it too much.

I feel like I sort of leave my body and, like a little insect (or fairy… see, know I’m getting coo-coo, Momma is having a pipe-dream again…), I fly away and right over to the ocean. And there I dive into this element or I let myself float on the surface. I let it carry me. And it feels good.

I wonder, if I should stop my mind from drifting away. I wonder, if I should make myself stop imagining things like this. I wonder, if I should “stay on the mat”. It relaxes me though and it makes me feel good. Meditation is all about making you feel good, right?

If you do Yoga, do you manage to stay on the mat for that short meditation or is your mind drifting too? Do you manage to keep your thoughts quiet?

I’m sitting here and I feel every little muscle in my body. I know how tired it will feel tonight and maybe it will be slightly sore tomorrow. So there it is, my Yoga is only for stretching and meditation. There it is, my idea that Yoga is only for old people. I’m not 20 anymore but Yoga is for sure not only for old people and I’m glad I tried it.

As they say: Don’t judge too quickly, right…

15 thoughts on “Don’t Judge Too Quickly…

  1. It’s a physical and mental detox, and it’d be better understood as such. Once a dear friend of mine suddenly broke down and wept uncontrollably after her fifth Bikram yoga session. She didn’t realized that it was mental as well as physical, and she was not ready for the emotional onslaught. I was furious at myself for failing to tell her about it before she started, otherwise she could’ve been more prepared.

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  2. Thank you for this article. I’ve recently had to give up running because of a problem with the muscles in my legs and feet. My physio suggested that I take up yoga, but I’ve been very reluctant, however, your article has convinced me that I should.
    Thanks again x

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  3. Your post inspires me to start yoga! I used to do it years ago but stopped…I’ve been meaning to start again but keep making excuses! Thanks for the reminder! Fun video too at the end!

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