Play Nicely!


Remember when we were kids? Playing with other children on a playground, in kindergarten, school or during play dates? Remember when we were told to play nicely? Well, I do! I played nicely. Up to a certain point most of us did. And then?

When and why do people stop to play nicely? When and why do they decide that it’s beneficial to them to play dirty? How can it be beneficial? And even if it’s not beneficial in any way, why does it seem to be so satisfying to people to play ugly?

Let’s just not talk about the bullying and mobbing in the real world, in schools and in the job world. Let’s ignore that and focus on the web, the social network. Let’s focus on blogging.

For me, play nicely means to respect boundaries, to play fair and to respect other opinions, other ways, other people. Play nicely also means to have a discussion, to voice your concerns and not accept the other point of view, if you are not on the same page. But you do it in a decent way. People who play nicely have character. They are decent and intelligent people. They know how to communicate on a high standard. They believe in themselves. If you believe in yourself you don’t need to make people feel like shit. You don’t need to attack them or their family. You don’t have to play ugly.

When we enter the social network or the blogging world we put a tiny part of us out there. Or maybe even a big part. We enter a different world. A world, where we find exchange and inspiration, where we can mingle with like-minded people, chat about our opinions and learn about the other person’s point of view. It’s also a world, where people can hide behind screens, where people can make themselves appear different than what or who they are in the real word.

When we were kids, we were told to apologize if we didn’t play nicely. We all know that apologizing sometimes doesn’t come easy. We all know that it sometimes doesn’t feel good, especially when actually it wasn’t you who made the mistake. But we also know how good it feels when you apologize after doing something wrong and the other person gives you the “it’s all okay” answer.

I simply don’t understand people who harass others simply because they don’t have the same opinion. I don’t understand why some people keep chasing others, keep writing really ugly stuff, mean stuff, just because they don’t agree. I don’t understand why certain people choose to even talk bad about the other person’s family, just to get to them. Seriously? What’s your problem?

This has nothing to do with open communication. It has nothing to do with sticking to your grounds. This is bullying. It’s a man-hunt and it’s ugly. It has nothing to do with playing nicely, it’s far from being fair and it’s for sure not a sign of intelligence or integrity.

I browse all kind of blog posts and if I really don’t like a blog or what the blogger has to say then I simply don’t follow this blogger, I don’t return and I don’t read the posts. It’s not as difficult. This is not a place where we constantly have to look at each other and listen to each other and read other opinions. We have the option to not do it. Easy! If you don’t agree with something someone else has to say, then either comment and explain where you stand or just don’t and leave the blog. And it’s done. You don’t need to return and hit and kick and hurt over and over again.

So, please people, play nicely! We all remember who it’s done, right? Remember those little words: Respect and tolerance. If you do, you can actually get pretty far. It’s something you can build on. It’s something that might open up new doors. If you communicate with respect and tolerance you might see a side to something you haven’t seen just yet, or you might get someone to see a new side to something. There is no need to play ugly.

And if you get really, really upset, then ask someone you like if you could get a hug. You will feel better again afterwards. I’m pretty sure about it…

35 thoughts on “Play Nicely!

  1. This is exactly what my”No Trolls” policy is all about. I have zero tolerance for the troublemakers, and, heaven help us, there are plenty out there: Small, cowardly people with big axes poised for grinding. If they attack your tree, just kick them out of your forest.

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  2. So far I’ve been lucky and haven’t had to deal with the dreaded trolls on my site, I try to keep it clean and friendly where folks can voice their thoughts and opinions freely as long as they are not spewing hate speech or attacking anyone else (or me) then agree or disagree I let them post, I’ve only had to not approve 2 comments in just over 1 year of being on wp. I’m just too old for childish games, and don’t understand why some folks feel it is okay to rip someone else apart , there simply is no need for it.

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      • me either, one of my blog friends here on wp is getting raked through the coals on blogger , for what? a post that someone disagreed with … pretty childish . sad really.

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      • I know. That case ‘inspired’ my post. You’re talking about Otter, right? It’s such a joke! Don’t they have better things to do?


      • yep Otter is the one getting crucified over there, and no they don’t seem to have anything better to do than play the victim card and cry poor me , I understand everyone has issues and can be sensitive, heck I have issues , but still that’s no excuse at all for their behaviour, as I told Otter, they are just a bunch of old hens who like to b*tch about how miserable their lives are and are never happy unless they are running someone down, Otter just happens to be the flavor of the week for them. I only know this because I run a mirror site over on blogger lol

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  3. Tell it, momma! I have been fortunate to have only limited experience with this in the blogging world, but I see it over and over again. I’ll never understand how it makes someone feel good to belittle, demean, criticize, or humiliate another for simply having a different point of view. I do have topics that I shy away from, or will only have limited interaction on, because I am afraid of letting people like that in.

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    • I’ve been lucky so far. But I guess I try to keep it down with my topics too. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we will be spared from attacks like that…


  4. Well said! Heck, it’s probably better than what I had to say. Sometimes being painfully direct isn’t the best approach, y’know? 🙂

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  5. Absolutely right. We don’t have to convince each other of our opinion. We give what we have to share and everybody shall feel free to take it or leave it. It is so easy to practice it over here.

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  6. Well done Momma, I couldn’t agree with you more. I have been lucky enough not to have experienced this kind of negative behaviour. There are some topics that I just stay away from so as not to encourage them. However, I admire people that post about anything and they should not be subjected to idiots that have nothing better to do. To personally attack someone or their family, is really plumbing the depths.

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  7. Well said. If I come across a blog post I don’t like or agree with, I just keep scrolling or unfollow. I was always taught that if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. There is absolutely no need to be nasty. I often wonder if these trolls would say those things directly to the persons face? Let’s just be kind. We’re all human, no one is perfect. Agree to disagree and move on 🙂

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  8. No trolls here thank the Lord. I am not one to sit idly while these haters hate. I remember blasting one of Jason’s attackers. I am not one to idly sit by and watch my followers get ripped to shreds.

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  9. Extremely well said! I actually cannot comprehend how ppl have the guts to be so mean.. Even if someone attacked me once on FB, I replied decently and we actually ended off in a good way. I truly believe that those who bully are people who are unhappy deep down inside. I feel bad for them.

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