Love And Music

Love and music are so closely related. So many emotions involved in both of them. There is this “our song” thing and I wonder if the kids nowadays still have it? Back in the days we used to sit in front of our stereo mixing tapes for the person we were in love. Do you remember? All those hours spent and sometimes it was just a little bit of a nightmare when there suddenly wasn’t enough time left on one side of the tape for that one song…

I thought I share one of my most favorite love songs with you. And I’m wondering which songs would make your top 3 Love songs? Also, if you have a beautiful love story to tell, why not sharing it with me in my feature ‘Couples’? All you have to do is send me an email to and I will post it and link it back to you. You find a number of amazing love stories told by fellow bloggers here.


8 thoughts on “Love And Music

  1. what a great song by Neil Young

    the first three songs that come to mind and bring back many fond memories are

    Bruce Springsteen – Drive All Night

    Thunder – Love Walked In

    Don Williams – Shelter of your Eyes

    Bruce’s Drive all night makes me think of the passion and obsession of young love, and Thunders Love Walked In of not looking but it finding you when you least expect it, and lastly Don Williams In The Shelter of Your Eyes 🙂 My Wife
    I will have to write some of the stories that go along with some of them songs sometime lol when I get the time

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