Inspiring Children

I believe that we don’t give enough credit to the thoughts and ideas of our children. Just because we are grown ups (or label ourselves grown ups) we think we know everything. And we know it better. Well, I doubt it. I think that our kids have their intuition still. Their mind is still open and they are not as influenced by what is written or said in the media.

When you listen to your children and the ideas they have, everything usually seems so simply. It seems to simple and therefor impossible to us. We tend to tell them that they had a nice idea but that they won’t get anywhere with it really. Why? I really wonder why we do that? So often we get told that the simple things in life can be the best things. So why can the simply solutions not be the best too?

You might say that it doesn’t make sense to listen to children as they usually don’t have all the facts. Agree, they might not know everything. But maybe that’s the key. Because they don’t know how and why things started. They have a fresh perspective on the issue. They’re not influenced by the history, they’re not influenced by politics and they’re most probably not influenced by a business side.

The way they think is clean and fresh and so innocent.

Children are not dumb. They are smart. All of them. They have an incredibly beautiful fantasy and their world is still okay. So a little advice from someone like that wouldn’t really hurt. Imagine a world in which children advice adults and adults actually listen. Imagine a world in which the future of learning is in our children’s hands. Where decisions are made in a team consisting of adults and children.

Here is an example of inspiring children.

6 thoughts on “Inspiring Children

  1. Very true! As parents, we should listen to our children more often because like you said, their views are clean, fresh and innocent. Sometimes we avoid asking them certain questions because we assume they’re just too young to understand, too young to have an opinion or just haven’t experienced it yet. My oldest daughter is 12 years old and I am amazed almost daily at the things she knows. Great post!

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