My Party

I guess if I would throw a party at the moment it would be a no longer expat and definitely immigrant party. But then I don’t really like to throw parties, at least not for me. I love to organize the kids’ birthday parties, prepare some healthy snacks (and some naughty ones, after all it’s a children’s birthday party and they should have some treats too…) and some nibbles for the adults who stay. That’s it. When it comes to me, I’m not really into big parties.

What I love though is having friends over. Sometimes I even invite very new friends, people we’ve only met or parents of friends of our kids who we don’t really know (at least one of them). That can be a little risky, as you never know how the night might turn out. But you know what? So far we always had a blast and many true friendships grew out of it.

I like to sit down and have a chat over a good meal and a nice bottle of wine. I love those nights when time flies and you suddenly find yourself sitting there, chatting for hours and hours yet it still feels as if the evening has only just started. Usually there is our favorite music playing in the background and when it comes down to party games… well, we can cover that too.

Maybe my kind of party has much more in common with a normal party than I thought, now looking at what I’ve written so far. Still it doesn’t feel like it. A big party with a theme for me sounds like something hard to overlook and keep track of what’s going on and who’s there. It sounds like an event where you hardly get to talk to everyone and everything gets a bit wild. It’s not what I like. I like to socialize, to chat, to laugh. I like to enjoy my meal, my drink the music played and especially my company. I don’t like rush.

Funny enough my son seems to be the same. At least for now. His idea of a perfect birthday party is an afternoon with his two to three best friends playing Minecraft and then having his favorite meal for dinner. Cake? Maybe, but it’s also totally fine to have a brownie and some ice cream for him.

My daughter though is different. From a very young age (even younger than she still is), she wanted to have a number of kids over. And there had to be action. Always. I tend to organize her parties at home but had to organize some party entertainment in her case as it would have gotten out of hand. As her birthday is in winter the option of having a party somewhere outside is not really there and I’m not really a fan of play centers. Besides them being always totally crowded and without natural light, a party at one of them usually turns out to be pretty pricy too, considered as well that the food they serve them is usually pretty rubbish.

So she usually has a plan. A plan for her next birthday party. A plan she makes the day after her last birthday party. She knows the theme, she knows what she wants to eat, she knows what kind of entertainment she would love to have and she starts writing a list of the people she wants to invite. The list gets pretty long by the time her birthday comes close and it’s usually really hard to get the numbers down, especially because she thinks that friends of her brother have to be invited too. Otherwise it wouldn’t be fair to him… Yep, that’s my girl…

I actually prefer to have the kids’ party at home, organize the food and some sort of entertaining. The house though isn’t that big and when she invited 20 friends last year I nearly collapsed. 20 of her friends plus some of their brothers, who are friends with her brother plus some of the parents who like to stay (which I don’t mind and actually prefer). It was a huge group of people… The house was packed and the magician we had organized only arrived 10 minutes into the party and then he had to set up. While I was trying to keep control over the party food and look after the other parents, my husband got the cake ready. To keep all the girls under control and especially out of my daughters room (it would have equaled a hurricane…) I needed the help of my son, so I made him move all those crazy girls dressed as princesses, fairies or mermaids into one room and play musical statue with them. There was not much room. There was crazy dancing. And there was noise! Of course the music had to be pretty loud for all the squealing girls to even hear it. And when the magician was finally ready, I was ready to send them all home. That was not even half way into the party… πŸ˜‰

I have to say he was amazing. For the next 45 minutes they all were sitting still, watching him and getting involved, wondering how the things he did were possible. And I have to admit most of us adults felt the same. He put up a great show, not only entertaining for the kids but really mesmerizing for us adults too. The two hour party was over soon and when the last of the kids had left I felt exhausted.

Soon the day will come where we will host another of my girl’s birthday party. I think I’m prepared. But I know that we might have the one or two additional guest again, as, you know, “we can just not not invite them…”.

I don’t know where my little party animal got it from, but it’s for sure not from me. So I guess I get the two worlds. The perfect party for my daughter would probably be themed “A Magical Fairy Mermaid Princess Dancing Party”, with water and lemonade, sausage rolls, meat pies, fruits, chips, vegetables and a rainbow cake as food (and drinks), loud music to warm up and the magician as the main act. If I would ask her she would probably want Taylor Swift to come and perform…

For me though it would be the typical “Let Momma Have Some Good Food And Wine With Friends At Home And Play Some Spotify In The Background” theme.

People are different…

In response to the Daily Post Daily Prompt – It’s My Party

20 thoughts on “My Party

  1. Kids birthday parties are always a challenge. It was fun on one hand but I am so glad this all is over… OK, we have to organize our daughter’s 20th birthday this year… but there are all grown ups….phew!!!

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  2. Well, for kids parties we usually take them to Chuck E Cheese for pizza and pop and cake — the whole 9 yards. But for adult parties … booze and pizza with your honey after the kids go to bed. πŸ™‚

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  3. I am like you Momma. I prefer to have a meal with close friends or family,and play a few games, We usually like music themed quizzes. or something like that. My daughter is like yours, totally opposite from me and would have every single person she knows to a party!

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  4. Funny enough my son seems to be the same. At least for now. His idea of a perfect birthday party is an afternoon with his two to three best friends playing Minecraft and then having his favorite meal for dinner. He could be my brother with those beliefs!

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