Teach The Way They Learn

Now I wonder what you teachers have to say to this? I think this should be totally normal yet, when you listen and look around and hear and see how children are taught in some schools or better by some teachers it seems not to be the case.

Are we moving away from something that seems to normal because the system doesn’t allow us to really focus on an individual anymore?

Of course it’s not easy to focus on each child, especially in big classes. But there are examples like the Montessori schools. With the philosophy of focusing on the child’s overall development and working with what the child offers and build from there.

I refuse believing people when they say that some kids just don’t want to learn. Kids are like sponges. They always want to learn. Maybe not in the pace and way we would like them too, because for that individual it might not be the right way, but they want to learn. It’s in the nature of a child to learn.

I guess the problem is to find a way to apply a focus on all the different needs of the different kids to an overall system…

36 thoughts on “Teach The Way They Learn

  1. Even reading the words “some kids just don’t want to learn” frustrates me. Ugh! I have not yet met a kid whose goal is to frustrate and impede, you know?

    My younger sister called me a couple of weeks ago with a concern about her daughter’s new teacher. She wondered if she was making a mountain out of a molehill. I said a vehement “no.” Her concern was valid as the teacher marched in and aggressively ser forth her expectations for kid behavior and learning–what would and wouldn’t be tolerated. Red alert! Red alert! That is a teacher who values authority more than (3yo) student needs and realities.

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    • And that’s a teacher you don’t want to have for your child! Shocking! I think the phrase “some kids don’t want to learn” is a lazy excuse for not being capable to engage them. But then I’m a homeschooling parent and therefor I have no clue 😉

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  2. My son and three nieces all attended a Montessori school. I love the way they got to learn.

    I am a kinesthetic and visual learner. I learn best by doing something and seeing something. My most difficult way to learn is auditory. I am not a good listener. Guess how they teach in public schools…lectures. I would fall asleep. At Montessori, the kids had to listen, see and do. If the lesson was about rocks, they learned about them from the teacher then they brought the rocks in for them to see and touch. If I had learned that way, I would have sailed through school.

    It would be such an improvement to teach the children the way they learn. I am not happy with the school administration and their rules. It’s time for a change. Our school system here is one of the worst in the country.

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  3. Couldn’t agree more! My husband had to relocate for a few months (damned work!), but the good point is that it gives me the opportunity to do homeschooling with the kids 2 weeks a months, when we’ll visit him. It is so important to listen to their rythm, I really believe it is to us to adapt to their path if we want them to give their best.

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  4. Hey I saw your comment on another blog, and was thrilled to find a blog about homeschooling! I use a online virtual public school, so I usually do my schooling at home where my computer is. I guess you can call it homeschooling since I do it at home and to an actual school. I really like your blog and your thoughts on homeschooling!

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