My Picks Of The Week #21

Found some really nice ones and hope you will enjoy reading. As always: Don’t just stop there, check out more of these blogs. They are sure worth it!

A Touch Of My Saint!
Loved this poem. The idea of the body, the spirit, the mind, just everything being the predator

Beyond The Picket Fence
Reading about incidents like this makes me mad. We should be able to move around without the fear of being assaulted. Everyone should… even worse that nobody reacts…

The Monster In Your Closet
Sometimes we hit the ground and the tears we cry might feel cleansing. As long as we don’t lose perspective we will continue to move forward.

Clara Wiggins, The Expat Partner’s Survival Guide
The beauty of being an expat is that you can compare. But there are so many things to discover still and sometimes you can’t imagine how things are done elsewhere although you know, that it’s done slightly different everywhere…

Fill Your Own Glass
There is always a way to be better, to do things better and as long as we always try to do our best, we will be able to be proud of ourselves.

Domesticated Momster
Isn’t it interesting to see where we came from and where we are now? What actually defines us today?

I so don’t see how the two should be related…

Scary Mommy
Always good for a great post by a great blogger like this.

Time For My Thoughts
Love the quote and the idea of forming a connection to a place. Even though we might not understand why we feel connected to the place. I think it’s similar to people. We might not understand in the first place why we feel the connection. Still it’s there.

I totally agree. You need to filter people out, or let them filter themselves out…

But I Smile Anyway
Love the comparison to the phone connections…


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18 thoughts on “My Picks Of The Week #21

  1. I really like that you are giving a shout out to other blogs or articles without an award being attached. I’ve done that with books and music, and have participated in the occasional award. But this is a good idea.

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