One Word Photo Challenge – Hot

Oh so many meanings for the word “hot”… or at least we use the word hot to describe so many things. Actually we can use for all our senses. A tune can be ‘hot’, a meal can definitely taste ‘hot’ maybe even smell ‘hot’, someone can look ‘hot’ and something can definitely feel ‘hot’.

A sunburn: It definitely feels hot. And by only looking at it, you already know how hot it feels… You get the sunburn in the hot sun, maybe you are showing off your hot body in a hot bikini…


The beach. The place to go when it’s hot. The sand can be so hot. Sometimes it feels too hot to walk on it barefoot. Nothing better than a dip in the ocean to cool down… if only you could…

Hot2 hot3

Food. I like my food slightly spicy but definitely not too hot. When served some meals you might even smell how spicy and hot they are. Be careful, don’t burn your mouth on a hot meal either.


Candles: One of the things to be careful with if little kids are around. They might be too hot to handle. Candles are perfect to set the mood. For those little moments when you can show off your hot lingerie…


Fire. Never play with fire. It’s too hot to handle…hot6Inspired by Jennifer Nichole Wells One Word Photo Challenge

18 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge – Hot

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  2. I hadn’t thought about these weather terms having different meanings until we got to this one. And it made me think of how many other things we associate with hot and cold! Glad you picked up on this, and I love your response. Thank you so much for sharing.

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