FIFA In Trouble! So?

As a big sports fan and Swiss I follow what happens in Switzerland at the moment re FIFA. Now this will be a very short post as I just have a couple of questions:

Who is really surprised?

Do you really think it’s just FIFA?

How about the IOC?

Let’s face it: certain people want certain events in their country. Those people have money. A lot of money will eventually buy everything. I guess we’ve seen it re Olymic “Winter” Games in Sotchi. A football World Cup in Katar? Only money can buy that one. 

I guess that’s how it works…

14 thoughts on “FIFA In Trouble! So?

  1. I think most people would suspect that these things are going on in all the sports organizations. Too many palms to grease. Makes you wonder if the sports results aren’t fixed too?

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  2. Corruption or dishonesty in sports? Never!!!!!!! Do you know what irks me though? Barclay sponsors the Premier League. I am a huge Chelsea fan, have been since I started following football (soccer here) but I HATE the felonious, currency fixing mega-bank that is Barclay and would love to boycott everything about them….but Chelsea.

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  3. Yes, three concise, great questions.I think much sport is crooked, so was not really surprised, maybe what was surprising is the amount of time it has taken for these allegation to come out into the open. Well done to all those who were involved in uncovering this. Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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  4. I read this, and then decided I wanted to learn more about this- my final reaction is that I really can’t say that I’m surprised- and that yes, the IOC is probably corrupt as well.

    Oh, if you’d like humorous look into the situation, I actually found a video from last year concerning FIFA corruption. I hope everyone here enjoys it and understands some of the background!

    Thanks for listening to me ramble. 🙂

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