From temporary to permanent – what if you wish to settle down?

Thank you so much, Tiny Expats, for this interview. It was fun and thanks for sharing it with other expats 😉

Usually, talking about expat issues, we discuss situations, when they are living abroad temporarily, thus learning to adjust, but not necessarily adapt in a long run. What if you relocate with a plan to actually settle down and make this new place your permanent home? Well, then, of course, it’s quite a different matter.

Learning the local language becomes a must, you would most probably choose a local school instead of an international one, your social life would hopefully spread out beyond the expat circle. I’ve talked to an expat mother, who moved over from Switzerland to Australia with her husband and a kid (their family grew in Australia and now they have two children). They relocated with a plan of settling down and that directly influenced their choices concerning adaptation of their kids.

You can read this interview, given to me by A Momma’s View author, on EasyExpat/ BlogExpat

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