One Word Photo Challenge – Cold

You know when you breathe out and that little ‘cloud’ builds? When I hear my children talk about how cold it is, I often have a smile on my face, thinking about the way I grew up and what I considered being cold. Having said that: It can get really cold here where we live. I just stood in a park watching my girl do her soccer training the other evening and was seriously claiming to be freezing to death after an hour… And I had another smile on my face as I reminded myself of what I usually think when the kids talk about being cold. Full circle, right? Down here we are heading towards winter. I’ve just spent an hour in the park with the dogs, enjoying the most beautiful fall day. Soon, it will get colder and in the mountains there will be snow.

Yes, there is snow in Australia and you can actually ski. The skiing is pretty nice too. And what could be better to spend a day on the slopes, having fun and getting cold. And then head back inside for a hot chocolate and sitting close to a fireplace? That’s what I like the most about being cold.


Sound of silenceInspired by Jennifer Nichole Wells One Word Photo Challenge – Cold

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