Corruption And Sports

When we think corruption we think politics. But corruption in sports is probably as big as it is in politics. Sports is nothing else than politics. There are still so many thoughts going through my mind after the recent arrests in Switzerland of highly ranked FIFA members. Again sports and corruption were mentioned in one sentence in the news. Nothing new though…

When the World Cup was handed to Qatar a little while ago it seemed crystal clear to me that this had nothing to do with finding a great location for a great sports event. To be honest:

Playing soccer in 45-50C is not really fun. Actually it’s risky to your health and even FIFA had to admit that. But what can also not be ignored is that the people who have to build all those amazing stadiums will have to work under crazy conditions. And they will not be pampered. People will die while building the “happy places”.

Human rights! Seriously? Do we really have to let countries host big events that ignore the basic human rights?

Qatar itself is not a football (or soccer) country… There are not many clubs there. Having said that: Hosting the World Cup might give Qatar soccer a boost.

I wonder how the football fans will deal with the no alcohol policy… Will they be able to behave themselves and also follow the rules of not undressing on the streets? And apparently Sepp Blatter (FIFA’s president) said that homosexuals should remain from having sex while visiting Qatar (as it homosexuality is illigal…)…

Sustainability? Building huge air-conditioned stadiums into a desert… only for them to end up being empty after the event is over… What bugs me a lot is the fact that every time a big event like a World Cup or Olympic Games will be organized by someone new, new stadiums have to be build. New roads, even new towns for the accommodation of all the athletes. What happens to all of it afterwards? Sotchi, we all know, was a slight disaster. So many things were not ready when the Games kicked off. And what happens now? The stadiums there will most likely not be used anymore. Same with some of the big stadiums they specifically build for the football (soccer) World Cup in Brazil. And if a country is a football country then it’s Brazil!

As I’ve said in my previous post: I wonder when it’s the IOC’s turn? They’ve been investigated before but somehow the big bang has not happened there just yet. We all wondered what took them so long to finally walk in and arrest people for corruption. Honestly: Why would you give Olympic Games to a place like Sotchi? To a president like Putin if not for money? I guess investigators need to be bulletproof. I wouldn’t want to have to deal with FIFA’s lawyers without being 110% sure that I’d be able to prove they’re guilty… Maybe it’s the same with the IOC. And I guess that was the reason why Mr Sepp Blatter did not get arrested this time. He might have been too smart for them…

Someone gets rich. Some people pay tons of money for games to be held at a specific place. They don’t care about anything else but their bank account. And somehow everyone watches…

It’s sad, really. Sport is such a great thing. It brings people together, it brings a smile on your face. It makes you cheer and sing and celebrate. It’s a great family time. Maybe that’s why we ignore the fact that there is a dirty side to it.

Money does buy you everything. You just have to be able to offer enough…

9 thoughts on “Corruption And Sports

  1. That is one corrupt community! Who has the money, has the power… and everybody around is intimidated. I don’t know if the voting is done already (was not following the news for the past hours) but it looks like Platter makes it again…. It’s a big, big shame!!! No backbone in the FIFA!

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