How Much Can You Really Relate On The Universe?

cloudsHere it is: I’m not sure if this “trust the universe” thing really works. So often I hear that you only have to ask the universe or even demand from the universe to give you what you want and you will get there. I’m not sure. Here is why: If it would work like that, everyone would do it, right? Because it would be the easiest way to get what you want. And if everyone would do it, nobody would have issues anymore…

It’s not the case. Lots of people struggle. Good people. People who work their butts off, who never hurt anybody. Who only do good in this world. But they struggle. Now I wonder: If the universe is looking out for you, why do good people not get good things? And I don’t mean money and luxury. I mean peace of mind, a life without sorrows. So what’s the secret?

Maybe I didn’t pay attention enough to all those life coaching ideas about how the universe brings you exactly what you are asking for. Maybe there is a formula, a special way to ask or demand. Who knows… It just makes me wonder… nobody would ask for trouble, right? So why do people get in trouble? Why do people struggle? Although they try. They try hard. I kind of see that there is no point in sitting on your rear end and wait for the good things to happen. We all know that this is most probably not going to work out. You don’t get things for free.

But what about people who work hard and put everything into it. What about people like that who hit one wall after another, one speed bump after another, get cheated on again and again and again? You might say that it’s all a sign. And in a way I do agree. On the other side though, I still wonder. I wonder who often you can pick yourself up again and keep either going forward, believing in what you do and the universe or changing direction because you realize that it was not right for you? How often can you do it until you run out of options? Or better until you run out of energy to do it again. To trust in the universe again. To move on again. And most importantly to not lose faith in yourself and your abilities.

It’s not easy.

And maybe there it is. There is the trick. There is the solution why not everyone will end up getting what they wish for from the universe. Because at one point some might just give up, give in, settle for so much less. Would that be it? Is that what separates the people who get from the universe what they want from the ones that don’t?

I tend to observe people. I find there are so many huge differences and I do believe that there are people out there who seem to be on a smooth ride all their lives. People who seem to find one open door after another while others repeatedly end up in front of a huge iron gate. I guess for those people it’s all about finding the key to this gate and having the guts to keep looking for it.

And there is another thing: Maybe sometime what seems like a brutal challenge for us might not even be that hard. Maybe we might ask too much from the universe. Maybe there is so much more to life than what we see in this moment and all the little things that are good end up being really fantastic. And without noticing you might have actually gotten what you were looking and asking for.

12 thoughts on “How Much Can You Really Relate On The Universe?

  1. I can give a simple reason,”To create balance”. If everyone gets what they want then the pyramid theory would never exist. Now, the question is how does Universe chooses who will enjoy the good & who will suffer the bad. Well, that actually depends upon how we ask for it. Can we have a blind faith on Universe that we will get what we want? Can we have the faith in the darkest of hours? It’s like standing in the middle of an ocean being hit by terrifying waves and still believing, rather visualizing that we have safely reached the shore.. Can we have that kind of faith? Well, NO!!!
    So, it actually us, what we are attracting towards ourselves. I have had a personal experience that I’m sharing below:

    May be it will change of prospective. Happy reading!!

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  2. That’s a wonderful post with lots of different aspects. I truly believe that we are inseparable connected to that higher power that created us. We have the power to make things happen but we have to believe it. Basecally what we believe comes true. We can say and even think that things will come true but as long as we have feelings of doubt it is a sign that we don’t believe it. We even believe in the oposite. That’s a huge topic there is a lot to say about. I even posted an aspect of it today. But you are right! There are people or situations which are not changing no matter what. A deseased body will not wake up again. And there are also our life plans which in specific points will unfold in their planned way. Also there are exceptions. As I said: a huge topic! A topic we won’t ever understand in its complete context. But actually we don’t even need to!
    We should never give up believing in ourselves and go for what we feel as our calling, go for what fits our convictions. What is meant to happen, will happen! I can only say that as soon as I figured it out, my life changed and things simply fell into place. Yes, there is war, there is hatred, there is disease, and injustice. But in order to change something we need to believe in the change we want and make steps towards it. Gandhi said: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” The more people believe in the same, the bigger and faster we co-create – in either direction. Therefore it is so important to believe in what we want and not in what we don’t want.
    I hope I did not leave the topic while I lost myself during writing… 😉

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