Guest Post – Cereal

Yep, something every mom faces on a regular base. What to cook… And how very beautiful written by Sylvia from Spanishwoods. Please check out her creative and inviting blog.

Credit: Spanishwoods

Credit: Spanishwoods

What should we have? I open the pantry:
cans of soup, cans of beans, boxes of pasta, tomato paste,
two cans of sardines, one of tuna, two boxes of blue Jello
and peanut butter.
I think of becoming the woman who cooks ambitiously on
Sundays and prepares individual meals for the week.
Printing the contents on matching plastic containers with black
sharpies, lining them up in a pleasing refrigerator composition.
Or the woman who optimistically thinks of dinner at 7:00 am
and takes meat out from the freezer, laying it briskly in the sink
to thaw, placing mysterious ingredients into the slow cooker.
Or simply the woman who reads the recipes in the back sections
of magazines while jotting down the necessary items to pick up
at the store. Labeling each calendar day with a dinner headline:
Meatloaf Monday, Teriyaki Tuesday, Wasabi Chicken Wednesday.
Tomorrow, I’ll make lists, go shopping, buy sharpies.
Tonight, let’s eat cereal.
Spanishwoods features photos taken by my children and my husband (and myself) with short micro-musings attached.

Sometimes I start with thoughts and find an image to accompany my words and at other moments, I take an image or I see my son’s images as he’s organizing his shots and I know then and there that I must connect words to that particular photo. So, it’s a spontaneous bit of creativity that I practice every day.
It’s wonderful to be a guest blogger on A Momma’s View today, thank you for having me.

14 thoughts on “Guest Post – Cereal

  1. Breakfast for dinner, or in my case for any meal of the day, along with leftover Chinese. Thought the photo went really well with the thought. I am proud to say that I was one of those plan ahead Moms for a time, though not in as much detail as the one you described and also with a nod of gratitude to Costco for their family size frozen entrees. That time ended and I didn’t miss it when it did since it gave an excellent excuse to stop cooking at all!

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