Love It! Hate It!

Although I’ve not officially been invited to participate in this challenge I thought I take the open invite of A Prompt Reply as the perfect push in my butt to participate in this, for me, intriguing challenge. Intriguing because I struggle with the word ‘hate’, with the feeling hate. It’s so strong and final. And if you don’t mind I would rather use ‘dislike’ in this post. I feel that hate uses up so much energy. It destroys so much. It’s not worth to hate. I remember a time when I said to someone really close that I really hate a certain person. The moment I said it I realized, that I actually invested the same amount of strong feeling into hating this person as I do loving someone. And if you dislike someone or something to the point where you would use the word ‘hate’ then you don’t want to invest yourself to such a deep and strong point.

For me I will therefor slightly adjust the rules:

List 10 things you love
List 10 things you dislike
Pass the challenge on to 10 bloggers


1. Spending time with my husband and my kids. Nothing beats this. It’s the most enjoyable thing in my life. We spend heaps of time together given that my husband works from home and the kids are home-schooled. Funny enough it’s never an issue.

2. Being outside in Nature. A stroll in a park or on a beach, a hike or just sitting somewhere on a bench, watching the clouds pass by. It’s where and how I gain energy, relax and think about things that bother me.

3. Socializing. Love my chats with people. Especially of course with friends and hanging out together. But I can totally start a conversation with a stranger while walking the dogs. Why not, right?

4. Sports. I love watching sports. Of course the ones my kids participate the most but if there is a good sport event on TV I’m more than happy to watch it.

5. A good book. It has to take me over, take over my thinking. I need to feel that I’m ‘in the middle of it’, that I’m part of it. When this is the case I read the book in no time and then feel bad about having it finished already. Kind of like eating chocolate…

6. A good meal. The downfall of my diet… But, honestly, nothing is better than a good meal in good company. And a good meal can also be a healthy meal (still love my cream…)

7. A good wine. Not going into details here. You all know what I’m talking about.

8. Sweating. I might sound weird, but I love a good sweat. Not the kind of sweat you get when it’s hot and humid outside. That I don’t like that much. I’m talking about sweating while working out. It feels good. Cleansing. And you know you really pushed yourself.

9. The warmth of the sun on my skin. You know the feeling you get when you are outside and suddenly you feel this beautiful warmth on your skin. The kind of warmth that makes you totally relax and maybe even close your eyes for a moment? That’s what I’m talking about…

10. Writing. Nothing to add here.

1. Negative people. People who always look for a negative side or constantly complain. People who try to pull you down, just because they feel bad.

2. Hate. Yes, I very much dislike hate. There should be no room for hate in this world.

3. Intolerance. I really don’t like intolerant people. It makes me shiver listening to them and knowing that there is no way they will change their opinion.

4. Dis-respectfulness.

5. Dishonesty

6. Being called ‘Babe’ by strangers. Seriously? I don’t know you. Don’t call me Babe!

7. Being called ‘Darl” by a cashier 20 years younger then myself… Would you call the mother of your friend ‘Darling’? So why would you call a stranger ‘Darling’? I really don’t mind being called ‘Darling’ from an older lady, but not from a girl that could be my daughter…

8. When I can’t finish a workout. Because that energy I had ready will just sit there for the rest of the day…

9. My scale ;-)… That thing is never showing me the right numbers!

10. Injustice. How can people walk free, although they clearly belong behind bars? And how can people stay locked up, although they are innocent? I don’t get it…

Here are my nominees:

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Have fun playing πŸ™‚

29 thoughts on “Love It! Hate It!

  1. Just finished reading your post. I can relate myself with you mentioned as you love, especially no 9, it has such positive energy. Not complaining about snow or rain. I am ok with my multiple layers and roll like a ball. I don’t mind an yougster calling me darling ( not for selling any stuff though). In my mid 30s with few grey hair here and der I confess now a days I enjoy when someone call me baby. Anyway lovely post.coming back for more read.

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  2. Wow… did this in fine form! Much admiring of your lists! I too struggled with the term hate in my own post. I was going to change it to dislike but then felt I’d just leave it as it was. I’m glad you made the distinction. There really is no room for hate in any kind of society that is going to work. I was laughing so hard when I read your #6 on the Dislike list…..I should’ve had that on mine, but never remember things like that till it’s too late or someone else points it out as you did. Am glad you took up the challenge! Awesome reading!

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  3. Enjoyed your list, Momma, especially agree with the “love” items. I have been recently nominated for this one by the lovely Erika K., and have also struggled with the hate issue. Will need to address it soon. Thanks for including me in your list. πŸ’• Van

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  5. I like all your “loves” and dislike all your “dislikes” though I would substitute the following for your dislike #s 6 and 7. My dad used to say “You can call me anything you want, just don’t call me late for dinner!” Since I moved from CA to TN, I’ll base my substitute dislikes on what I encountered in those places.

    I dislike CA traffic (with its stifling frustrations and loss of irreplacable time) and I dislike TN summer weather (with its stifling heat and high humidity which results in loss of comfortable outdoor time).

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