The Scent Of Fall

It’s the scent of fall. The scent of slightly damp soil, the rotting leaves, combined with the slightly chilly air that takes me back in time. Down here in Australia it’s almost winter. The treas lost most of their leaves (at least the ones that lose them) and there are still plenty of piles of leaves lying around. The weather got wetter and so did the soil. It’s no longer dry.

When I take the dogs for walks in the nearby park on a crisp and sunny fall day I get hit by that scent every now and then. Sometimes I just inhale and walk on and sometimes I stop, close my eyes and inhale again. When I do that I get taken back in time, taken back to a day on the back of my horse, riding out on one of those beautiful fall days in the mountains.

Not my picture but definitely reminded me of the days… Credit:

I can smell my horses fur, her sweat and I can feel her move under me. I feel her main touching my hand and hear her snort and breathe. Her hooves make a soft sound on the slightly frozen field. The ground is not hard yet but not soft enough to leave prints (and make the farmers mad…). I can see her breathe leaving a little cloud in the chilly air. I feel my cold hands and feel them warm up when I put them underneath her main or just on her neck. I feel the powerful body of this beautiful horse move under me and I’m aware how small and weak I am in comparison. She is an pure breed Arabian and I know she can’t wait to reach the spot where I can actually let her run for a bit.

I inhale again and it takes me back to the runs with my horse, the feeling I have letting her stretch under me and how the chilly air feels on my face. How it makes my eyes tear up and my fingers even colder, now that she gallops. I hear the river next to us, hear her hooves on the ground and I smell the soil and the leaves, the horse and the cold water in the river. I can feel the cold while we ride through a part of the forest where no sun comes through. And I feel the beautiful warmth of the sun when we finally reach an opening.

I inhale again, still standing in the park and I can smell the sweaty fur of my horse. I can feel her relax on the way home and lengthen her neck when I give her more room for it. I remember getting off of her with slightly stiff knees from the cold and still feeling warm from the sun that had reached the highest point for this day. While I take saddle and bridle off and brush her off my toes slightly tingle. They were cold too. She smells so good. The air is so clear and clean, crisp and fresh. The grass that is now slowly rotting too, the soil and the leaves leave a special fragrance in the air.

A fragrance that I inhale again while standing in this park. Far away from Switzerland, far away from my past, far away from my horse. And still… it only takes a beautiful sunny day in fall to take me right back there and make me experience it all over again…


Inspired by the Daily Post Daily Prompt – Smell You Later

26 thoughts on “The Scent Of Fall

  1. Althoug Spring and most of all Summer are my favorite seasons I also love fall in its colorful way. The daylight is different and it is cosy inside when the evenings are gettin cooler. Also the smell, as you say. I really love that all about fall.

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  2. Very mesmerizing.
    And the whole part where you describe how you were riding ypur horse is especially captivating bevause of all the detailed imagery

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  3. Though I don’t like TN (Tennessee) summers, I do like the fact that there are four seasons here, Including colorful Falls and Springs. There are only two seasons in CA (California) – Wet and Dry!

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  5. Ah, you hit the nail on the head with this one! I lived in Oregon for two years as a kid, and had my own horse. I could ride for hours and I remember the crisp Fall mornings when I got to ride. Fireplace smoke permeated the cold air and the hay and grass had that organic, clean dirt smell. Wonderful memories, Sandra!

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