26 thoughts on “Spider

    • Someone told me that the darker they are the more dangerous they are. The black ones are the ones to avoid. A bite of a huntsman is no fun but it’s not lethal to a healthy grown up. Different story though for a child (potentially)… My take: Avoid all of them…


  1. I wouldn’t say I am afraid of spiders, but I definitely do NOT want to be surprised by them. Once I’m surprised I scream. A well meaning friend or family member will come to my rescue and then I won’t let them kill them. They are such productive little creatures.

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    • Yes they are. And that’s why I usually give them a warning before I go get something to smash them… no… I tend to get my husband to catch them and through them outside. I would have never killed one in Switzerland, no matter how big they were. But here I feel slightly different… So if for whatever reason I feel like I need to kill them I usually tell them that I will go get something to harm them and that now would be the time to leave… But then I ask myself if I really feel good coming back not knowing where they are anymore… especially after threatening them πŸ˜‰


  2. Oi! I too had an encounter with an Aussie spider. Or The Dude did, anyway. Thanks for reminding me (hah!) We were on a roadtrip; stopped in Queensland at a funky motel for the night. The Dude thought this GIANT spider on our pillow was part of the kooky decor — till it MOVED.

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  3. Are they as bad as AZ (Arizona) scorpions? My brother-in-law and his wife live there and in our last phone conversation with them they told us that they cannot walk barefoot in their house at night in summer since they’re so prevalent. Even the small ones can be dangerous! Think I’ll take the annoyingly noisy bugs that live in humid TN summers instead.

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