Moving from Switzerland to Australia not only meant moving from one side of the world to the other, from Up Over to Down Under, but also having the season turned kind of upside down and all around for me. Over the last almost ten years I sort of grew accustomed to it. But only kind of. Having Christmas in summer and no Christmas in winter still feels really weird.

December in Australia

December in Australia

Forces Of Nature3

July in Australia

Inspired by the Daily Post Photo Challenge – Off-Season

11 thoughts on “Off-Season

  1. When I have meetings with colleagues from the northern hemisphere I get frustrated when they describe activities in seasons rather than months. They just assume I’ll make the conversion.

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    • It just feels weird… It’s not the temperature (well… That too nut not as much) but rather the fact that it’s not dark early. So all the lights don’t make sense until it’s late…

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  2. I love having my Christmas in summer. I couldn’t imagine not having it in summer, not having your Christmas BBQ, going to the beach, water fights, sunburn and lots of fruit. That’s Christmas for me.

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    • It’s how you grew up. I totally understand that. I’m sure you would struggle with white Christmas year after year too. Just slightly. I have to say, I enjoy going to the beach too it just doesn’t really seem Christmas-y to me. 🙂

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