Super Sensitive

I’m standing here, overlooking the bay, enjoying the beautiful golden color of the sunset. I close my eyes and listen to the waves crashing down on the rocks below me, listen to the birds and the wind rattling branches. I feel the wind on my face and the warmth of the rock I run my fingers over. My eyes are open, my ears switched on and my fingers and hands are warming up, resting on the rock. I sit down, pulling up the zipper of my jacket. The wind is slightly chilly. I pull my sleeves over my hands, close my eyes and try not to listen. I inhale. I can smell the salt water in the air. The soil, the sand, the rotting leaves. In a way I can smell the cold air. It smells different to hot air. I stick my tongue out. Can I taste the salt in the air as well? I think so… I take a sip of my take out coffee. It’s no longer hot. I leave it in my mouth for a little while, trying to distinct all kind of different flavors in it. Is there a hint of chocolate hidden in this coffee?

Sight. Hearing. Taste. Smell. Touch. The five traditional recognized senses. If I would be forced to give up one sense, but gain super-sensitivity in another, which one would I choose?

Funny that this prompt just popped up as I’ve only just stumbled across this simple reminder here and thought that I would write about it.

There are so many things we take for granted every day. Being able to breathe without pain or issues. Being able to open our eyes, look around and see. Being able to be pain free. Being able to hear, so smell, to taste, to touch, to feel. Being able to stand up. Being able to move at all. Being able to be with the people you love.

This simple reminder to cherish what we have and usually take for granted combined with the prompt is thought provoking and inspiring. So thinking about which one of my senses, of something I take for granted each and every day, I would give up, makes my head spin.

I don’t know. I don’t know which one I would want to give up and honestly, I also don’t know which one I could handle being super-sensitive.

When you’re pregnant your senses sort of start to work on overdrive. You smell things more intense, you hear better, in some cases your sight improves too. I remember especially that I could smell things so much more intense. Which was sometimes really hard to handle. The perfume of a friend of mine, which I always really liked, was almost unbearable to smell. It suddenly was too intense and so were some of the cleaners I used back then. I had to change the laundry detergent because I could not stand the smell anymore. A detergent I used to love prior to being pregnant.

Which sense would I give up in order for something to become more intense?

If I would give up sight I could no longer see the beauty of nature. I could no longer see the stunning colors of a sunset. But most of all, I could no longer see the beautiful smiles of my children. I could no longer see the sparkle in their eyes when they are excited or happy. I could no longer see the pride in their eyes when they manage to do something they so desperately wanted to be able to do. The world would be a very dark place…

If I would give up hearing, I could no longer hear the birds sing. I could no longer hear the wind telling its story rattling branches and leaves. I could no longer hear the waves rolling in. But most of all, I could no longer hear my kids giggle and laugh. I could no longer listen to their little heart beats. I would no longer hear them whispering “I love you”. The world would be a very silent place…

If I would give up taste, I could no longer taste the variety of spices. Food would just be bland, no different taste to anything. No more joy eating and drinking. Maybe like that I would lose weight… Who knows. But the world would be a very bland place…

If I would give up smell, I could no longer smell the flowers. I would no longer be able to smell the salt in the air, the snow in the air. I could no longer smell a good meal being prepared. But most of all, I could no longer smell my children’s hair or their skin. The world would be a very different place…

If I would give up touch, I would no longer be able to feel the warmth of a rock which was sitting in the sun all day. I could no longer feel the different textures of sand and I would no longer feel the smoothness of velvet. But most of all, I could no longer feel my kids skin. I could no longer feel their hair. The world would be a sad place…

I thought I might be able to decide on a sense I would give up while writing about it. But I just can’t. Giving up one of them leaves a very big gap behind. A gap a super-sensitive sense might not be able to fill entirely. I’m aware of the fact that blind people of deaf people are totally fine only using the remaining senses. Still I would never want to give up any of them just to make another one stronger.

Now imagine you would have night vision or laser vision… would you really want that? The world might get to bright…

Imagine you could hear everything. Everything from a distance as well! It would be pretty loud…

How about you could smell the slightest odor? Not sure if I could handle that… I’m pretty sure the world would be a very smelly planet.

What if you could taste every single ingredient? Even the hidden E’s or chemicals in some of the ingredients! Food would most probably no longer taste as good as it used to. I just had a conversation with another blogger about a special coffee from Bali. A coffee that is made of coffee beans that were previously eaten by some kind of animal and then pooped out… Now imagine you would taste every flavor. Every flavor in everything. And now imagine you would drink one of those special coffees…

I wonder if it would hurt if touch would be over-sensitive. I’m pretty sure it would.

Losing one sense but getting another one in over-drive would throw the balance off. At least in this hypothetical little game. I guess it’s a different story in real life. But then I believe that nature will try to balance it out in its own way.

I’m glad I don’t have to make this decision. I’m glad I don’t have to choose. I’m glad things are the way they are. But it’s for sure good to think about it and cherish what you have instead of taking it for granted. Now excuse me. I need to have to go to my kids and watch and listen to them, while I secretly smell their hair, give them a hug and caress their backs and hopefully get to taste one of the cookies they just made.

Inspired by the Daily Post Daily Prompt – Super Sensitive

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