Like A Butterfly

IMG_8089Ah, my friends the minions… Off to see the movie in a little while but just wanted to point out what a special message this is.

Every child has it’s special talents. Unfortunately way to often people compare them to each other. They compare themselves to each other. Something that shouldn’t happen. Some kids are more creative than others, some read faster or better, some write better, some spell better, some deal with numbers easier.

I believe that it’s in a child’s nature to always try the very best. It’s up to the grown ups to appreciate it and teach them that all that matters is in fact that they try to do their very best.

A rocket scientist is not necessarily also a translator. A lawyer is not a surgeon. We all have our talents. Cherish them.

20 thoughts on “Like A Butterfly

  1. I never compare two people, thing, its a habit I picked up as a child because I used to get so hurt when people compared me with other I was the one too shy to capture hearts back then so the comparisons always were never in my favor 😉

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  2. True. Do Not Compare One Person With Another , One Thing With Another And One Object With Another . It Shows How Unmatured U Are N How Unmatured U Can Be. Start Minding Ur Own Besigheid N Stop Nagging Other People. Other Than The Comparing Saga Its A Great Pleasure For Someone To Express Their Thoughts

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