Inside Out

Imagine you suddenly move. You move from a big house in the country to a little tiny one in the middle of a huge city. Your friends and everything you used to love is suddenly far away and there is no way you can get back to it. On top of that all of your belongings don’t arrive as planned and you have nothing in this new place that gives you security. Nothing but your parents.

That’s already a lot, you might think and I totally agree with you. But then you are 11 years old and the next day you have to go to a new school with new kids, new teachers and most probably new rules. It’s a lot to handle.

I’ve been to the movies with my kids and we watched “Inside Out”. A beautiful movie that tells the story of Riley. Or better of Riley’s inside. You could call it the control center probably. I’ve written about this movie already here a little while ago as the idea of the story already appealed to me then. Let me tell you that much: I was not disappointed. What a wonderful story!

There is Joy and Sadness, the main characters. And then there are Anger, Disgust and Fear. Joy is basically in charge of Riley every since she’s born and the others slowly join in. Over all the years of Riley growing up Joy tries as hard as she can to make Riley’s life joyful and create joyful memories. Until the move. And until suddenly a lot goes wrong.

I have to say that I usually shed a tear or two when watching Disney (Pixar) movies. But this one really did it for me… Oh my! It touched me in a very special way and I was really glad it was dark in there… The way they told this story is amazing. I don’t want to spoil anything for you. So please, if you plan to watch it then maybe stop reading here… actually don’t worry, you can continue, I won’t go into too many details…

Let me just tell you how well they showcased that joy and sadness are linked in a special way. That sometimes it needs one in order to have the other. That sometimes a memory that was meant to be joyful can turn into being a sad memory just to then turn back into a joyful memory again.

This movie is not just a children’s movie. Again they managed to bring a very deep and important message across in a playful, colorful and funny way. A message that’s also important for us grown-ups.

They do an amazing job telling the story of the journey Joy and Sadness take through Riley’s memory in order to find back to the control center and bring back all the core memories… what they discover on their way and how they deal with every little or big obstacle. How Riley’s imaginary friend from the past suddenly shows up to guide them and how he sacrifices everything to rescue his Riley.

I mean… who comes up with something like this? And how genius and talented and creative do you have to be to tell this story in such a colorful, beautiful, touching way?

I know that I’m not really saying anything in this post. I’m just still a bit flabbergasted by this movie. I still try to find the words to describe what I feel after watching this.

Sadness doesn’t discover the bright side to life but she for sure discovers that there is a reason for her to be there and that she doesn’t necessarily makes everything worse. In the contrary. She can actually make things better. She can make someone feel better by just being there and letting them feel sad, letting it all out. Only then can Joy take over again.

I think the movie shows that all those feelings, if in the right balance, make sense and that they all support each other in a way. It shows that if we don’t have those feelings we are numb. We are “grey”. We are cold. Fear, anger and disgust have their place in our life, as negative as they might sound. They might not be. Sadness can lead to joy, if we let it happen.

Bring your feelings in the right balance and your life will be just fine. There is the right time and the right place and the right amount for each and every single one of those feelings.

Now for me: I have a new favorite movie and it will take a while until another movie will top this one, that I’m sure of. And I hope that the industry will continue to produce movies like this. As they are thought provoking in a really good way and carry a beautiful message for our children.

38 thoughts on “Inside Out

  1. I do love Pixar……they always seem to have their fingers right on my pulse! Can’t wait to see this one after reading your response!

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  2. Oh here we go with the movie. A wonderful insightful movie. Hope I find someone who watches it with me… I was 9 years old when my parents moved with me to Liechtenstein. Was really tough.

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  3. Good Morning Momma, I read this last night, and I knew what I wanted to write on a guest post for you. I’m not sure how to send the wordpress link, so I’ll copy/paste it in a word document to you. โ˜บ Van

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  4. I watched it yesterday. (Tissues anyone?) I loved this movie so much. Today when my son was attempting to be grumpy I asked him if Anger was behind the wheel… He smiled. I will carry that movie in my heart. Next movie I want to see is Wild with Reece Witherspoon ๐Ÿ™‚

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  6. I loved the movie sooooo much! It’s everything you just said and it made me feel all those emotions too! I laughed, I feared, I was overjoyed and so sad (never truly disgusted, though) and it reminded me of so many moments of our own lives…
    they did a really really good job and I hope everyone will see and understand the message behind the scene.

    Another movie by Disney which has a great message and from which I’d love people to take a lesson and change their lives for real, not just say it but take matters in their hands and stop waiting for other people to do it for them… is “Tomorrowland.” Have you seen it?

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