One Word Photo Challenge – Windy

Melbourne is known for it’s windy days. Often, back in Switzerland, when we had similar strong winds, I would not go outside for too long or at least stay away from trees. Over the last couple of years my attitude changed slightly. I still try to avoid huge trees (if possible) but head outside even if it’s windy. Why? I’m not sure. It’s not as if I feel safer here than back in Switzerland. I think it’s just because everyone does it and it’s normal. You get used to strong winds here.

No matter how much I tried to stay out of too windy weather in the past, I always loved listening to the wind howl. I loved the sound the draft made in the house sometimes and watching the branches, trees, grass dance in the wind. For me the wind tells a story. It tells you the story of its travel around the world. It tells you the story of people far away, different countries, different cultures. It tells you about the beauty of nature, high mountains, oceans, valleys. You simply can’t stop it from getting where it wants to go. It’s freedom in its deepest sense.

So here is my take on ‘Windy’:

windwind2 wind3My take on windy. Inspired by the One Word Photo Challenge – Windy. Thank you, Jennifer Nichole Wells, for keeping it up. Love it πŸ˜‰

16 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge – Windy

  1. Excellent. I know what you mean…we have very strong winds in Chicago but we are used to it. Sometimes when it whip through the streets down town, between the skyscrapers it can be amazing. Lovely photographs.

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  2. We have the “Santa Anas” – warm (sometimes hot) wind that happens seasonally- seems to originate in the city of Santa Ana. Sometimes, these gusts are the source of how wild fires begin, and so we are always wary. For those with allergies, they have to have their medicine ready. But, it’s part of our life in Southern CA. We don’t think twice about the gusts of hot air.

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  4. “They call the wind Mariah.” These are lyrics from a song in the musical “Paint Your Wagon.” Combined with photos in and comments on this post, I now want to name the winds I know, too! I am well-acquainted with Santa Anna winds in Southern Cal as I lived there for 51 years. They are very different from the winds in my current Tennessee home which in turn are different from winds in other parts of the USA where I have spent time. I guess that’s just another aspect of what I have noticed when traveling in this country, which is that there are noticeable physical differences between the states.

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