Five Black Belts In the House

It was a busy week so far. We have three friends visiting from overseas and two of them will compete this weekend at an international Taekwondo competition. During the last couple of days I’ve learned a lot. Not only through the communication and exchange with three wonderful individuals but also by watching the dynamic of two great athletes and what they have to do in order to fit the profile.

It gave me an idea of what we will have to deal with in the future if our son continues going down the path he’s currently on. Some of the things a scary for a mom. There is the issue of making weight, trying to just make it into the lower weight category and in order to do so not eat and drink for a certain amount of time. This was probably one of the big issues I had so far with the idea of taking this sport to a professional level. Being able though to see first hand how our guests dealt with it was interesting and took the edge slightly out of it.

But then there is still the issue with head kicks. Something I’m not really getting used to is the idea of watching my son being kicked in the head and kick others in the head and although the kicks aren’t meant to behaved it can still happen. The risk of potential injuries is always there.

And then I see the disciplin and the respect these athletes showcase, which makes me again feel so much better.

The entire week was a learning curve. Starting with opening up our house to people we didn’t know that well before. You know what they say, right? “Guests are like fish. After a while they stink.” Well, not in this case. Although we had way too many very late nights and not enough sleep, it has been a blast. Introducing them a tiny bit of Australia and taking them to a Wildlife Park with only native animals was only one way to say thank you for the visit and the insights we gained.

Seeing the athlete’s side and the coach’s side and also talking about issues of parents was really interesting. It all takes you a step further. You listen, you explain your point of view, you process and develop. In a way the entire week was like one big workshop with the highlight yet to come.

I haven’t been over here a lot over the last couple of days and wasn’t able to read as many posts as I usually do. I’ll be back next week and I feel inspired to share more of the insights I gained.

There’s and ad I recently came across (I might have shared it already at some point… or maybe it was just over on my Facebook page… anyway…) which I think is super inspiring. Not just from a point of view of an athlete or to understand an athlete better. It’s about the entire idea of motivation. About being knocked down, being exhausted, out of breath but nevertheless find the strength to get back up again and keep going. Please watch it. I know you will like it.

If you’re interested: There is a Taekwondo 2XU ambassador in the clip. The blond girl you see doing martial art every now and then. Her name is Carmen Marton and she won the World Championships in her category of 2013 and a dual Olympian (2008 and 2012).

In the spirit of this clip: Happy weekend everyone!


7 thoughts on “Five Black Belts In the House

  1. I totally understand your worries. I would ponder about that as well for sure. I guess almost every sport which is going towards a “professional” direction loses lots of its healthy factor.

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