The Simple Things

Hey there, it’s me! I’m actually typing… Sounds weird, doesn’t it? Why would I be surprised to be sitting here and typing. Oh let me tell you something: There’s a whole lot of new appreciation for the little things, for the normal things in me right now.

The last couple of days weren’t all that funny. I got really sick really quickly last weekend and still don’t feel even close to normal now. It basically wiped me off my feet. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday are kind of a foggy memory of what might or might have not happened but since yesterday my mind is clear again and there were many thoughts building while just resting. Thoughts about all those simple things. The things we take for granted every day because we can do them.

Things like getting up and walking somewhere without feeling like running out of air.

Things like being able to read something and actually get what it says.

Things like being able to type and move your fingers the way you want them to.

Things like moving around the way you want to, clean if you need to, go for a walk, exercise (honestly the last thing I’m thinking of at the moment) or just have a simple conversation.

Things like just breathing normally…

This cold (or probably rather flu) hit me so hard. Today all that’s left (I hope) is the still nasty cough and an utter exhaustion.

It makes me appreciate the way I usually can spend my day. From getting up and making breakfast for everyone to then spend some time on the blog and then do all the housework, getting outside and working out. Just being my active self. It also makes me appreciate my family. My mother-in-law, who sneaked in to grab loads of laundry to wash it at hers. Because guess what: After a week of having guests staying with us and then me getting sick my washing machine decided to break down… So she is saving me from a huge mountain of laundry here.

Then of course my husband. He took over. He’s running around like a crazy man to get everything done and it makes me feel bad. I don’t want to just be in bed and not do anything. The problem is. There’s just no energy… The kids who help my husband out so much (much more chores done by them then if I would be up and running). Everyone is just stepping up.

I know it’s always there. My mother-in-law would always help out if I’d ask her. My husband already does heaps in the house anyway. My kids help out massively all the time anyway. But it kind of stays hidden. Hidden from what we usually get while doing all the things that make our day a normal day. It’s just normal. Until you know it’s not.

Maybe this is what those couple of sick days are for. Just making me alert again for what actually seems so normal but for others might not be. If I head upstairs in a little bit and run out of air again, I know that it’s temporary. For many it’s not. Being well, or what I call back to normal because I’m normally feeling pretty well, is not normal. There are many people out there who are not well. Who wake up every morning unwell and spend the entire day feeling really sick. And it isn’t temporary for them.

It’s been a good reminder to appreciate all those little things again more. There is always something out there bothering us, always something that might makes us jealous, maybe even something we want and know we can’t get and we feel bad about it. Maybe in those moments it’s important to focus inwards and do a little scan. Check what you have. How much this might be missed if it would suddenly go away. Your health. Your happiness. Then look at the other things again. And just put it into perspectives.

28 thoughts on “The Simple Things

  1. I hope you are doing a lot better already when you read this response. Sometimes our body needs a time out and when we don’t grant it then it mostly sends us some illness to show us that the limit is reached. Get well soon, dear!

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  2. Glad you’re feeling better, and hope that gets even better rapidly! Glad to hear how you’re supported, and to be reminded to look for the ways I’m supported, too.

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  3. I’m sorry you’re sick, but I do believe getting sick has a very important purpose, indeed! Aside from what you mentioned, it’s like God’s way of making you rest when you need it, to me.

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  4. Sending good vibes, love, and healing energy. It’s hard, but I *try* my best to succumb when I’m ill and simply rest. I hope you can do the same and feel better soon. Loved the video; I needed that reminder today.

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  5. Wow. Isn’t it amazing how things like this just show up and take us completely over and we have zero choice in the matter? I hope you are steadily improving and am glad you’re noticing the small things…’s the small things that make up the big picture! Don’t overdo and get lots of rest!

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