The Right To Be Equal

I’m sure that tons of post have been written about the amazing decision of the US Supreme Court to finally legalize same sex marriage once and for all. It’s about time! What an amazing step forward in this world that tries to appear so tolerant and yet is far from it.

The US has decided and although some individuals would rather burn in Hell (hey, just go for it!) than accept the fact that gay people are now allowed to get married, the majority seems to be happy about the decision. And interesting enough, the entire world celebrated this decision as if it would have happened in their own country. Time to follow suit I guess. At least for the countries that move on in time and are open for changes.

And then you look all the way down on your map. And there it is. A country called Australia. With people celebrating the US Supreme Court decision as well. But what happens here? Of course Australia is not the USA. And of course we do it our way. And of course this decision is not for Australians… hang on! What?

How can a politician claim that Australians would not embrace a decision to legalize gay marriage? Are you even listening to your people? And there is the other one of a group of “Smarty Pants” who claims that Asia would have a big issue if Australia would embrace same sex marriage. So what? Since when do you have to listen to another part of the world to make your own decisions? If it would be so bloody important, why not listening to the countries telling Australia not to destroy the Great Barrier Reef? Why not listen to the ones that tell us to cut back in our Carbon Dioxide emission? Of course that is another story. But if Asia has a problem about Australia legalizing same sex marriage some of our politicians wet their pants.

I don’t get it.

I don’t understand the issue. I don’t understand any reason for being against a law that allows people to finally get married. To make it official and in doing so become able to have the same rights we as heterosexuals had for many many years. It’s not just about the freedom of saying yes to the person you love. It’s about every right you gain by being legally married to each other. And that’s something people often forget. Imagine your loved one is in intensive care. But because you are not married to this person and the family doesn’t like you, you are not allowed to go see the love of your life anymore. You wouldn’t have a saying in anything although you might have spent much more time with this person than the rest of the family.

I don’t understand political “reasons”. Screw it! Do we consider taking away a women’s right to vote just because in certain countries they might not like it?

I’ve just become a citizen of Australia and in all the paper work you go through in order to do so all the freedom of speech, the freedom of an individual gets highlighted. It’s a free country. And yet one of our politicians has the guts to stand up and claim that Australia would get into issues with Asia if we would vote for the legalization of same sex marriage. Where is our freedom there? Where is the freedom of a gay person who wants to commit to his or her partner?

All those idiots who claim that same sex marriage would open the gates to Hell. That pedophiles would use it to get their bit of the share. That it would open doors for polygamy. How does that make sense? How would it open the door for an adult sexually harassing a child? Why is it so hard to understand: It’s about individual A who loves individual B and wants to make it official. Something so normal for centuries. The only thing that changes is that A and B have the same sex.

For every law a twisted mind could come up with why it should apply to some sick game as well. Homosexuals don’t hurt others. Sick individuals do. And guess what: They don’t have to be homosexual. They can. As much as they can be Christian too.

I’m just so over it. I’m over people telling others who clearly live in peace and don’t aim to hurt anybody what they are allowed to do and what not. I’m over the fact that religion gets used as an excuse to suppress someones rights to be happy. I wonder: Where is the live in harmony and peace idea? Where is the love everyone? Accept everyone? Does it only apply to people if it can be used to control the masses? Is it just a big blabla?

What are we so afraid of? Losing control over something? How about back then when women weren’t allowed to vote? What a big deal it was! What changed? Did the world become a worse place just because women were finally allowed to vote? Did the world become a worse place because “black” people suddenly (finally) got rights and were no longer slaves? For sure not! In the contrary! Society grew. And it’s time to add another chapter to this story. In every evolved country on this planet!

21 thoughts on “The Right To Be Equal

  1. You speak from my heart. Why do we even need to discuss about allowing others to be equal? Who is even entitled to define who is allowed to be equal? We all simply are who we are. There is no copy of anyone anyway. Although we all have the same hopes and needs we are all individual stars to brighten up the sky!

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  2. Agreeing with this post and Van and Erika too!!! When are we finally going to “get it” that no one has the right to declare what is good, what is not, and what we do with our lives? *sighs*

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