Focuse On The Presence

Time travel seems to be the theme at the moment when it comes down to the Daily Prompts. And of course it’s a very interesting idea to ask yourself the all too common question “what if”. As this is what it’s all about. A “simple” what if?

Yes, what if? What if you would have done things differently? What if you would have made a different decision back then? Would your life be better? Would it be worse? Would you end up being a better person?

Those are all questions we will never be able to answer. Honestly I don’t think so. I believe life would guide you to the point you are anyway. Maybe with less obstacles and with different people in your life. And maybe not. But in the end you would arrive where you are meant to be.

And even if we could travel in time one day, I would honestly prefer not to. I explained already a couple of times why not. Just check out Fly On The Wall or my most recent post about influencing the future. I’m not interested. Not interested in changing the past and not interested in changing the future. And I truly believe that if we would not spend as much time thinking about what would have been if or what we would change if we might as well live a better life in the presence.

Inspired by the Daily Post Daily Prompt – Revisionist History

7 thoughts on “Focuse On The Presence

  1. Life is chaos enough. We don’t need to make it even more complicated as we already make it ant travel in time back and forth… lol It was all good what happened. Otherwise we wouldn’t be who we are today.

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