Lucky To Be Happy

“Either you are happy and want to enjoy your life. Or you are self destructive and undermine things. Happy People will make things work. You are happy because you want to be, others see it as lucky. Maybe you’re both…”

This was a comment left on one of my posts from any1mark66. How very thought provoking. And I wonder… Are we really that much in charge of what we feel? Is happiness really in our hands? Can we influence it by simply deciding to be happy?Maybe, right? I guess it all comes down to how you see your life and how you handle the challenges thrown at you. You can just be there and look at them feeling overwhelmed and scared and maybe even decide to give up. But you can also look at them and see them for what they are. A challenge. A challenge that’s meant to bring you further and make you stronger.

You can look at issues in your life and slowly go under with the weight heavy on your shoulder, only seeing the negative. Or you can face those issues, acknowledge them and try solving them. And while you’re at it you look at all the good things in your life. Things that might seem little and unimportant. Or just normal. But they might just as well be so very important.

Yes, I believe that you can decide to be happy. You can decide to be appreciative of your life and the things that are good. Of course it’s important to not ignore the challenges and issues. But it’s for sure easier to face them if you have a positive outlook on your day, on your life, on what you generally have. Maybe those issues that seem so huge are suddenly not that big anymore. Maybe in the bigger picture they become small and kind of unimportant compared to everything else that works in your life.

Find those good things in your life. Pick them. Cherish them. And use them as motivation to face all the challenges waiting for you.

35 thoughts on “Lucky To Be Happy

  1. I also believe one can choose to be happy. Although as someone who struggles with depression, it is a very hard job. Nonetheless, as hard as it can be, it is still (in many instances, certainly not all) a deliberate choice and well worth the effort.

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  2. That is a wonderful post. You put it great. I often writen about this topic. To me happiness is a basic feeling, a condition and yes it is only depending on our decision to be happy. Sad things happen and we shall be sad and not suppress it. That is part of life too. But sadness is not the same like being unhappy. We can be happy in core and go through tough times. The happy carpet we are walking on gives us the grip to not lose ground and go through it all in the knowing that the sadness is only a temporary emotion. Love that post, mom!

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  3. I 100% believe in this! I chose a path of happiness five years ago, and it has been a fantastic journey. Of course life isn’t all sunshine and roses, but how you react to the hard times reflects on how quickly you can return to the good ones. 🙂

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  4. Sandra, I would like to share with you my personal story. It is something related to this post. As I was growing up, there was a constant reference to this Hindi idiom ‘chaar din ki chandni phir andhyari raat’ translated as there are just 4 days of moonlit nights and thereafter its all darkness. The meaning of this idiom is that the darker and unhappy days are in plenty and the happier days come as an aberration in between. I used to think (think hard) if this is the reality then life is so difficult being constantly unhappy and suffering all the time. I found it unacceptable that God has sent all of us on earth to suffer and lead lousy lives. When I grew up, I found my answers in a televised program on spiritual enlightenment which said that as humans we are happy and positive souls and the sadness and unhappiness is the aberration. It said that our mind is very powerful and it turns our life into positive, negative, happy, unhappy, disturbed, peaceful as we condition our mind. This discovery made me realise that I am a strong person capable of leading a happy and peaceful life and can deal with the challenges effectively which are thrown at me.

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  5. very good advice. I tend to give less importance and attention to small issues or small obstacles that would make me think negatively about my life.
    btw, just popped from the blog party, have a good time.

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  6. Love this post. I think everyone has an energy around them, and if they look for the good things in life, (even if they might be tiny) their positive energy will grow and more good will come. Of course, we can’t be happy all the time, there has to peaks and valleys, and the valleys just make the peaks even more special.
    PS. Discovered your post form Suzie’s Blog Party.

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  7. I completely agree with you. There’s this quote I love that goes “You are in charge of your own happiness.” I remind myself this all the time because it is so true. No one else in the world tells you to be happy. Frankly, no one really cares (I’m talking about the majority of the seven billion people on the earth). It’s no one’s goal to ensure you are the happiest person in the world, so like everything else, happiness depends on yourself. Only YOU can decide if you want to be depressed or not. Like you mentioned, only you can choose if you want to look at situations in a good or bad light.

    Thanks for writing this beautiful post! (And sorry for the semi-rant.)

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