Born To Be With You

ringsI consider myself lucky. Lucky because I’ve found my soulmate. He is the love of my life and I know I’m his. Not only is my husband the love of my life, he’s also my best friend and companion. He’s the best dad you could ever wish for for your kids. I could go on and on.

He knows how to cheer me up when I’m down and he knows how to put my feet back on the ground if I get crazy. He inspires me on a daily base and makes me feel like I’m on top of the world. I know that I’m the most beautiful woman in his eyes and that he adores every single bit of me. All my craziness.

It’s his smile, it’s the hug I get when I’m sad. It’s his jokes and his laughter. But it’s also that he feels comfortable enough to cry in front of me when he’s sad. That he gives me the feeling of being the one to pick him up, when he’s down. I know that I can make him laugh and feel comfortable with everything.

It’s all about knowing that you have arrived. Words can’t really describe this feeling of love and companionship. Of understanding and warmth. Of excitement and joy. I’ve told the story about how we found each other before. I still consider it special. We just knew. And we are still here. Together. Happy. And excited for the future.

Inspired by the Daily Post Daily Prompt – Born To Be With You

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