Heroes For Peace


Artists4peace has a really nice challenge for the month of July. It’s all about “Heroes For Peace” and who your personal heroes are. There are many names popping up in my mind. From Gorbachev, who for sure had a huge impact in opening up and stopping or at least officially slowing down the cold war, to Gandhi, Buddha or Mother Theresa. Each and everyone of them had their impact and yet nobody really succeeded in making this world entirely peaceful.

As much as people like Gandhi and Mother Theresa can inspire us, can even lead us and can influence us and our thinking, their influence is still limited. Making a difference, making a change is entirely up to us. And that’s where it all comes together.

As long as we push this responsibility far away from ourselves, as long as we expect everyone else, including our so called leaders to step up and do something, we won’t get there. Because we only sit back. We wait and expect others to change something major. We wait for some hero to step up and clean up the mess.

Be the change you want to see in the world. Mahatma Gandhi

We all need to be this hero. We need to step up and do our little bits and pieces to change what we want to change. We do have the power, we only have to start somewhere. Each and everyone of us can be that Hero for Peace. We don’t need a superhero.

There are so many little things we can do on a daily base, kindness we can show to others and in doing so we automatically make the world a more peaceful place. I truly believe in the power of numbers. As I said so many times before: One drop of rain does not water a field but if you add another drop and another drop and another drop you suddenly have a proper rainfall. I believe it’s the same with so many things we think we cannot influence.

So often I hear from someone “I wish I could do something but I can’t”. Not true. Everyone can. You can take care of the environment by doing your little bits and pieces and if everyone does only a little bit it will add up. Same with making this world a more peaceful place. We all can do a little bit and in the end it will add up as well.

My heroes for peace are all the people who do their tiny little things on a daily base to make this planet a better place. It’s each and every blogger who only thinks about their heroes for peace or about what they could do. It’s every single person who shows kindness to someone else, people who help others without expecting anything in return. It everyone that offers that helping hand.

Those are the true heroes for peace.

18 thoughts on “Heroes For Peace

  1. What an amazing piece. So motivational. I couldn’t agree more with this I think another way to describe these heroes is free thinkers. That don’t just follow the media social conditioning circus, those of us that follow our own minds and make our own decisions on the truth and believe our own beliefs, in unity and understanding and expression.

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