My Picks Of The Week #29

Time for my picks of the week again. Can you believe that another week is almost over? Anyway… Here we go:

Coach Daddy
No matter what you believe in. Believe in it!

An Upturned Soul
What an interesting take on “Soulmates”…

Oh hot topic! And I do agree on many things…

Life, Kids And A Glass Of Red
Although I’m sometimes a bit sad to see my kids growing up, there are some things I really really don’t miss…

Erika Kind
Oh, I don’t know how I would have reacted. And what the right reaction would be…

Once Upon Your Prime
It’s a bit of a thing with picking the right godparents… And you can consider yourself lucky if you find the right ones…

Jo Traveller
What would you say to your younger self and what would your older self tell you?

Julie Bhosale
Inspiring, strong, honest…

Scary Mommy
Something that I’m sure needs a lot of strength…

The Mighty
Sometimes it’s hard to react the right way. But I agree (as one of the other moms) that you should approach and find a way for the kids to connect. I like what she says: Close the gap, don’t make it bigger…

Trending Stylist
We often forget that it not only takes a lot of discipline and strength to lose a big amount of weight but that you might find yourself facing new problems after dropping it…

Zuzka Light
How do you deal with failure?

Now ease into a hopefully great weekend with the people you love to be around.

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