Hamster In A Wheel Moment

I just had another hamster in a wheel moment. You know, when you feel like you keep going and you do it over and over and over again? I usually have moments like this when it comes down to cleaning. I like a clean house. I’m not a clean freak so there will always be some dust somewhere or something I might have forgotten to clean. But I like it to be nice and clean and tidy to a certain point.

Unfortunately I live with three other people, two dogs and a cat. As much as at least the people in this house try to keep the house clean and tidy to a certain point, it not always happens. Frustrating is a big word but sometimes it feels like it.

The evening sun is beautiful in our house. The way it comes through our windows and reflects on the walls, projecting shadows of the surrounding trees on them, is just really beautiful. I wonder though for how long… as the windows are shocking. I hate nothing more than cleaning windows.

Would you like to know why?

Because they will end up having stains on them the moment I’m done cleaning them! Some finger prints, hand prints or maybe a print of a nose (can you even say that?)… Or then some doggy snot from getting all excited because they see someone come home or a possum pass by. So I kind of half give up on the windows. I do clean them but I’m not going nuts about them anymore.

Ok, mine are not as bad…

It’s not just the windows though. I guess the parents amongst you know what I’m talking about. Your house just doesn’t seem to stay clean anymore. The moment the floors are cleaned someone walks in coming from the park with muddy shoes and you feel like you need to start over again.

With three pets the amount of hair they shed just pushes my vacuum cleaner to the absolute limit. And if I don’t vacuum on a regular base you can really see those hairs… Especially when the beautiful evening sun shines through the (dirty) windows… And there is a thought: Maybe the beautiful shadows that get projected on our walls are actually not the shadows from the trees… maybe they are just the stains from the windows…

I’m not even going to start talking about cleaning the bathroom…

Then there is the kitchen… Oh the kitchen… It never really stays clean but it has to…

Remember the days when you cleaned your place and then went to work for the entire week? When you had that one cleaning day a week? I used to do that. And guess what? The place was actually clean and sometimes I questioned why I was cleaning at all on that day. Maybe there was dust but still…

Oh those days are long gone. Now it’s more like a hamster in the wheel, trying to keep up with cleaning up and get on top of all the dust, hair, dirt, grease and so on and besides it still have a life.

Now, please excuse me as I have to go and do some cleaning up. We just came back from soccer and later today we’ll have some friends over. While they will have to deal with the way our windows look I need to get the floor to a point where you can actually see the floorboards again…

26 thoughts on “Hamster In A Wheel Moment

  1. I have told my wife that sometimes I feel a good fire would fix so much stress about how cluttered our house is. I would love to live in a house that embraces the Japanese style of decorating (you walk into a room, wood floors and simple walls with the only furniture being a table, vase and single flower). Yup…my OCD is at peace.

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  2. I have the same window problem. I hate having anyone in the house when the sun is going down because the windows are so awful, even though I JUST washed them. We’ve been having SO much rain, it’s just insane. I can certainly relate to everything you said. LOL I hope everyone in the house HELPS YOU CLEAN UP. (Do you think they heard me?) πŸ™‚ LOLOLOL Sigh, it’s just another day.

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  3. Oh yes…this is exactly how I feel….just get through one thing and onto the next and by the time the next is done, the first is gone. Very defeating……

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  4. I used to do absolutely as much cleaning as I could because my wife worked for a company called “Molly Maids”, where she spent every day, you guessed it, cleaning other people’s homes. Even though I was lousy at cleaning, I wasn’t going to have her come home and start working all over again. This wasn’t because I was a really nice guy, but because I was afraid she would charge me over-time. Lol.

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      • I just figured she had enough of it at work each day. (You know, people used to hide wads of tissue just to see if the girls were doing a thorough job. Lol.)

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      • Oh I hate that… Hey, you are Canadian, you probably know of ENJO? The cleaning fibres you sell at parties (like Tupperware)? I used to sell it here for a short time and you kind of learn where the spots are people forget to clean and then you point them out to them and clean them with those amazing fibers. I was actually thinking about starting cleaning for people myself for a while and I figured I might be able to surprise them by cleaning those corners… I have so much respect of cleaners. I think they are all amazing. It’s hard to go out and clean other people’s mess. And then get tested as well… I heard of someone who left money out to see if the cleaner takes it… Just image the message you send…

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