Half And Half

The Daily Post Photo Challenge – Half And Half also made me think of the famous “Glass half full or glass half empty” theory. Do you look at your glass being half full or half empty? I have to say, sometimes it depends on what is actually in my glass ;-).

But to be honest the best thing I’ve ever heard was that a glass is never half full or half empty. I don’t remember who was the blogger that made this remark otherwise I would link to it here.

The glass is actually always full. The part that is not filled with liquid is filled with air. Air that we also need to live, to survive. So there is no half full or empty. The question is rather if we see that there is another half to the one thing we are focused on in the moment…

So in this spirit, here’s my picture for “Half And Half”. A picture of half liquid and half air. The ocean and the sky.

Half and half

Inspired by the Daily Post Photo Challenge – Half And Half

20 thoughts on “Half And Half

  1. As my blog name suggests, I believe we are all responsible for filling our own glass by taking control of our attitude and creating our own happiness and fulfillment. So the glass is as empty or as full as I choose to make it. 🙂

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