She is a middle age female with dark hair, her friend is young and is blond. They couldn’t be more different and yet they are friends and a great team. The way they pass their time couldn’t be more different. Whereas the one with dark hair likes it nice and relaxed and quiet, the blond one needs constant action. It even gets to the point where she starts walking up and down as if chased by something and eventually needs to head out and chase someone else to play with.

I watch them from far and wonder how it can work, how they can spend their entire day together and get along actually having heaps of fun when going out as well and still be so very different.

You need to know that the one with the dark hair is a little Ms Goody-two-shoes… She always wants to do everything right. She listens and does what she’s told. She wants to please and if she thinks she might have done something wrong, she feels bad although she might not have been the one screwing up. She seems like a thinker, at some times I think of her being “heavy”, so deep in thoughts, so strict, so eager to do everything right.

Blondy is a free spirit, she always laughs. If something goes wrong she might feel bad at the first moment but then it very quickly turns into a “oh well, nobody will care in 5 minutes anymore anyway” thing. Her energy is sometimes almost too much for everyone around her but then she has so much love to give and that’s what you can feel when dealing with her. She has a big heart. She’s a light spirit. Crazy, energetic and loyal.

I don’t know which character I find more interesting. The one with the dark hair often makes me think of a ticking time bomb. She is so eager to please and so keen to do everything right that sometimes it seems to get too much for her. Then there is her opposite, Blondy, who is so very different and who challenges her constantly. And sometimes she just snaps. Out of no specific reason. She snaps but it’s still under control. But I wait. I wait for the day she properly loses it. Or better say the next time she really loses it. It has happened before. The consequences were minor as it has been a one of so far. And still it was scary.

It just makes me think. It makes me think about the quiet ones, about the ones that do everything right all the time. The ones that want to please constantly. There has to be such a huge pressure on their shoulders and like a scale it might just tip to the wrong side suddenly.

Our two dogs are great. But they are so crazy different. Blondy (or Psycho Midget) is loud and crazy and energetic. But she’s actually not really a psycho. Monster Dog though is a ticking time bomb. Not for us but for Psycho Midget and other dogs. If she reaches the point where she’s close to boil over (which you don’t realize) it only takes a tiny little thing for her to go crazy. And it’s pretty annoying.

I love her to bits and I try hard to treat them both the same. Sometimes though it’s hard as she just pulls back and heads back to her bed and stays there while Psycho Midget is all over me. I can see how Monster Dog then looks at us. And I can see how much it annoys her.

I wonder if Monster Dog sometimes would like to be more like Psycho Midget. If she would like to be a lighter spirit, less serious. If the frustration is a combination between getting annoyed with the outside and also the inside.

Don’t get me wrong. It sounds like bad. She’s not that bad. She’s a great dog. But there is something there that is difficult to be controlled. I guess to a certain point it’s the age as well. She is slowly turning into a grumpy old lady. And still she is so lovely.

Those two are so interesting to watch. It’s my little field study, wondering how much you can actually learn from their behavior and how much would actually be similar in human behavior.

11 thoughts on “Sleeper

  1. Well written. The humanity you put into the dogs was great. But do a couple dogs really deserve to be treated like we treat other people. 😉. I have four indoor cats and an outdoor stray that talks and interacts with them. Animal power plays are incredible at times. I think they see too much tv

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    • Hahaha! Yes, that might be possible. My parents house and their dog (a Great Dane) was chosen by a stray cat. He basically adopted himself into the family and the dogs bed. He also decided that the other cats were allowed to stay in the house (the cats they had already). It was an interesting dynamic 🙂 he turned very old and was Ana amazing pet.

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