Your Stories – Baseball Pants ⚾️

What a beautiful love story! Just the kind of story that is perfect for ‘Couples – Your Stories’! I commented on her post that this story shows, that some people are just meant for each other. The chances that people come together again after knowing each other when they were kids… It just makes me smile.


I was 10 & he was 13…

I was pig-tails & bib overalls, he was sandy blonde hair & baseball pants…

I was hanging on the monkey bars upside down, he was catching fly balls.

I was blowing bubble gum bubbles, he was worrying about his swing and winning the game.

I was the kid sister, he was the friend of my brother’s.

I was the freckle-face with strawberry red hair, he was ocean blue eyes & a killer smile.

Who knew that the bad boy from North View would one day be the love of my life?

We met during baseball season in the Spring of ’94. He was on my older brother’s baseball team & I was the kid sister hanging on the monkey bars upside down, showing the world my belly button. His smile melted my heart. He was sweet when it was just he and I…

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